Engenius EWS550AP 11ac Wave 2 Managed Wall-Plate Indoor Access Point

Engenius EWS550AP 11ac Wave 2 Managed Wall-Plate Indoor Access Point

Item Code: WEB-ITM-1899

EWS550 EnGenius Indoor Managed Access Point by Shouki

EWS550 is here in shouki website with all its specifications. Shouki Company is as engenius Dubai ready to supply EWS550. It is Indoor Managed Access Point. The EWS550 is an enhanced-powered, long-range wireless access point. It is designed to operate in numerous environments; from large homes, small and medium-sized businesses, multiple-floor offices, hotels, and other venues, to larger enterprise deployments. The AP’s enhanced-powered, long-range characteristics make it a cost-effective alternative to ordinary Access Points that do not have the range and reach to connect to a growing number of wireless users who wish to access a large hotspot or business network.
To protect sensitive data during wireless transmissions, the device offers different encryption settings for wireless communications, including industry standard WPA and WPA2 encryption. The AP also includes MAC address filtering to allow network administrators to provide network access only to known computers and other devices based on their MAC addresses.

Product Highlights

System Requirements
 The following are the Minimum System Requirements needed to configure the device provides by engenius Dubai:
Ÿ Computer with an Ethernet interface or wireless network capability
Ÿ Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8), or Mac OS, Linux-based operating systems for EWS550
Ÿ Web-browsing application (i.e., Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or another similar browser application)

Benefits of EWS550

Wireless LAN (WLAN) products are easy to install and highly efficient. The following list describes some of the many applications made possible through the power and flexibility of WLANs provided by engenius Dubai:
Ÿ Difficult-to-Wire Environments: There are many situations where wires cannot be installed, deployed easily, or cannot be hidden from view. Older buildings, sites with multiple buildings, and/or areas that make the installation of an Ethernet-based LAN impossible, impractical or expensive are sites where WLAN can be a network solution.
Ÿ Temporary Workgroups: EWS550 creates temporary workgroups/networks in more open areas within a building; auditoriums, amphitheaters classrooms, ballrooms, arenas, exhibition centers, or temporary offices where one wants either a permanent or temporary Wireless LAN established.
Ÿ The Ability to Access Real-Time Information: Doctors/Nurses, Point-of-Sale Employees, and/or Warehouse Workers can access real-time information while dealing with patients, serving customers, and/or processing information.
Ÿ Frequently Changing Environments: Set up networks in environments that change frequently (i.e.: Show Rooms, Exhibits, etc.).
Ÿ Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) Networks: SOHO users require a cost-effective, easy and quick installation of a small network.
Ÿ Training/Educational Facilities: Training sites at corporations or students at universities use wireless connectivity to exchange information between peers and easily access information for learning purposes, especially for EWS550

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How to order EWS550 to engenius Dubai

These model and other related items are ready in engenius Dubai. If you are in Middle east countries or cities like Burundi, Pakistan and Congo please feel free to contact us.

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