Cisco WAP571 Wireless-AC/N Premium Dual Radio Access Point with PoE

Cisco WAP571 Wireless-AC/N Premium Dual Radio Access Point with PoE

Item Code: WEB-ITM-2628

Cisco WAP571-E-K9. Shouki electronics

All models of Cisco like WAP571-E-K9 are here for you. Access Point WAP571-E-K9 is supplied by Dubai Distributor of CISCO Shouki Electronics. The WAP571 access point has built-in controller software for managing multiple access points. The intuitive web-bases configuration of Access Point WAP571 allows you to set it up in just minutes. Then, get exceptional performance, faster connection, and wider coverage on your mobile devices. The WAP571 access point has built-in controller software for managing multiple access points
Cisco WAP571-E-K9

Advanced features and performance of WAP571


WAP571-E-K9 Wireless-AC/N Premium Dual Radio Access Points provide a simple, cost-effective way to extend highly secure, high-performance mobile networking to your employees and guests, so they can have the best experience to stay connected anywhere in the office. Meanwhile, this flexible solution lets you connect dozens of employees, and can scale to accommodate additional users and changing business needs.
To provide highly secure guest WiFi access to visitors and other users, WAP571 Wireless-AC/N Premium Dual Radio Access Points support a captive portal with multiple authentication options and the ability to configure rights, roles, and bandwidth. But a customized guest login page lets you present a welcome message and access details, and reinforces your brand with company logos. The WAP571-E-K9 also offers support for 3rd party could managed guest WiFi services allowing you to control Internet access for guests and give your customers a better guest WiFi experience.

Key features and benefits:

  • A two-Gigabit Ethernet LAN interface can enable a high-speed uplink to the wired network and also link aggregation support to increase the overall bandwidth between the two ports
  • Sleek design with multiple internal antennas and a versatile mounting kit allows for installation on a ceiling, wall, or desktop
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyzer to provide comprehensive monitoring of the Radio Frequency (RF) environment
  • Robust security, including WPA2, 802.1X with RADIUS secure authentication, and rogue access point detection, help protect sensitive business information
  • IPv6 RADIUS, syslog, Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • IPv6 host support
  • Firmware upgradable through web browser, imported or exported configuration file
  • Access point mode, Wireless Domain Services (WDS) bridging, Workgroup Bridge mode


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For more details you can go to the CISCO official website. You can also compare WAP571
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All Access Point WAP571-E-K9 and other related items are ready in Cisco Distributor in Dubai. If you are in Middle east countries like Sharjah, Zambia or Congo, please feel free to contact us.
Product Details
Connectivity technology Wireless AC
Maximum active WLAN clients 64
Antenna 2 x internal PIFA
Number of access points supported per cluster None
Data transfer rate 1300+600 Mbps
Network and transport protocol DHCP, Bonjour
Multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) 3x3:3 for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Number of radios 2
Status indicators One LED power, WLAN, LAN
Frequency band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Interfaces 2 x network/power: Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX RJ-45
Mounting kit included
Data link protocol IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, IEEE 802.11ac
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