Phone system benefits for businesses

Any business that cares about efficient telecommunication has probably noticed that moving to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) office phone system is now a must for everyone. This type of phone system completely covers the communication needs of a company in the internet-driven world of today.

Definition of a VoIP business phone system

Before the spread of this technology, telephone calls and faxes were transmitted by regular circuit connections. This transmission used to happen on a public telephone network.
A VoIP phone system uses LAN (Local Area Network) or the internet to make calls. What makes this technology different is its capability of converting analog signals into digital packets of data. Therefore, it sends the packets over the internet and makes conversations, faxes, and emails available wherever there’s an internet connection.

What are the benefits of IP telephony?

Adopting an office phone system of this type brings the following advantages:

1. Scalability and efficiency

Adding new users to an IP telephony network is pretty straightforward. Instead of adding multiple physical phones, you simply add a new line from the system’s interface. So enterprises can easily scale up their business communication in the fastest time possible without much hassle.
Moreover, the VAD (Voice Activation Detection) technology prevents silent voice packages from being transferred. It brings better use of network bandwidth and makes them more efficient to use.

2. Cost efficiency

On a conventional phone line, you get charged for every minute you talk. When it comes to businesses, the numbers can reach thousands of minutes every day!
Thanks to the IP phone systems, all you need to pay for is the price of your internet service plan. As a result, you just need to find a service provider that suits your business needs in the best way. In the long run, these savings add up to a business considerably and helps in increasing profits.

3. Versatility

There is a variety of features that make this technology efficient and interesting to use. For example, automatic call answering or forwarding to voicemails is a great advantage that helps employees during the busy hours.
Also, you can integrate them with the current hardware you have in the office. To clarify, your existing fax machine, credit card readers, and business applications can all be connected to your business phone systems easily.

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