PoE managed switch for networks

PoE managed switch is increasingly becoming popular among users who use network foundations for different purposes. Compared to other types, a PoE switch brings a series of additional advantages to your business.

What is a managed switch?

In general, we can categorize network switches into two groups of managed and unmanaged types. A managed switch offers better functionality since you can access more than one interface for configurations. These network hubs support STP (Spanning Tree Protocol), VLANs, and some other features that give more control over your network traffic.
In simple words, a managed switch supports all the functionalities of an unmanaged one with some additional features. So it’s always a better choice because you have extended administrative controls and monitoring on your network.

Defining the PoE managed switch

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. Both network connectivity and power are provided over a single cable. So, you won’t have to use multiple cables for your device. One of the significant concerns of people who use networking infrastructures is that they have to place their devices next to power outlets. When you use a PoE managed switch, this problem is already solved for you.
PoE+ managed switch is the latest standard of IEEE that increases the capacity of PoE switches to support a greater number of devices. To put in perspective, the standard PoE provides a power of 15.4W at its maximum, whereas in PoE+, it reaches 25.5W.

What benefits does it have?

In buildings and areas where the installation of new power lines is not easy, you can expand networks cheaper with a PoE switch. You can easily install these switches in places where it is not possible to install power.
Less infrastructure means lower costs. You can manage power to devices from one primary switch and won’t need electricians for power cabling. Also, you may install them in old buildings and extend the network reach without worrying about power outlet placements.
For instance, the RPS (Redundant Power Supply) options of Cisco PoE switches keep the devices running when power outages happen. IP cameras can benefit from this feature extensively.

Purchase PoE managed switches in the UAE

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