IP PBX and IP Phone system in Dubai

At Shouki, we deliver call center solutions and IP phone systems in Dubai for more reliable and cost-efficient communications. If you want to purchase IP PBX in Dubai, our diverse range of products will cover all your needs with higher levels of functionality and technologies.

What is IP PBX?

PBX systems make it possible for firms to connect their telephone extensions to switched telephone networks or line providers. An IP PBX system utilizes TCP/IP protocols to work with different network connectivity solutions that provide high-quality communication. It uses a data network for sending and receiving voice packets, which, in turn, combines the phones into a smart network.

When we use them in the phone systems of a company, PBX functions as the primary switching system for phone calls. It acts as a call center solution for limited resources. To be more specific, companies having multiple lines from a service provider while the total number of users outnumber those lines can benefit from IP PBX systems. This way, they will share lines with all of their staff and give each of them a separate line.

A typical system of this kind includes several phone and network lines, a computer to manage the switch calls, and a user console.

Using IP PBX in UAE, Dubai

Implementing these systems brings several advantages to businesses. To mention a few, call recording, IVR, call queue, voice mail, and CRM integration will be available to use across the office. Thanks to call queue and IVR, you will have the chance to handle a higher number of calls. Likewise, these systems can run without operators as well.

The provided systems are expandable, meaning that you can upgrade the capacities as your business grows. IP PBX doesn’t need a lot of space in your office and can be easily programmed to support your requirements.

Additionally, you can integrate the telecommunications for both mobile and home workers if you have multiple offices in various locations. Consequently, you gain better productivity and innovation in businesses by means of professional telephone systems.

Purchase IP systems from Shouki

Our extensive collection of call center solutions and IP phone systems makes all the difference for improved communication. We have deployed a considerable number of projects all over the UAE for small to big companies. We know that each business has specific requirements. That’s why our team of experts are here to give you consultation for the best possible solutions.

Your communication needs are Shouki’s specialty. So contact us today and take advantage of the most professional communications platform for your business growth.

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