Top Solutions for Video Conferences in the UAE

Video conference products in Dubai offer you a set of advanced telecommunication solutions for your business. The 2-way communications allow you to send and receive audio and video during your conferences. Hence, people from multiple locations will be able to speak simultaneously without any loss of quality.

Why use video conferences?

Relationships indeed matter a lot in the modern and competitive world of today. For a long time, video conferencing was considered to be used by only the big companies and brands. With the introduction of more robust processors and broadband telecommunication in large sizes, this technology became more accessible for everyone. Nowadays, companies from small to enterprise-level have embraced video conferences for communication with clients or holding online meetings.

The applications of video conference solutions

Cisco video conference equipment can cover whatever you require in your business. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you need informal discussions between private offices or want to hold meetings from several sites. Video conferencing helps you develop reliable communication in a scalable and well-ordered approach all around the clock.
The provided products of Cisco are mountable and come at reasonable prices. The flexible deployment of items supports your current and future needs through various products. For instance, Cisco telepresence table microphones make video conferencing easier and smarter for you that support conference personalization as well. You can extend your investments on videoconferencing through recorded videos or live streaming.
Cisco video conference tools make multi-point teamwork available for firms on various devices. The HD videos ensure you of the perfect resolution, even for those far from the camera in the meeting room. To clarify, the models come equipped with remote controls and optical zoom capabilities from 5x to 12x. Also, you have the option to share documents and display info on charts and whiteboards in the room perfectly.

How video conferences benefit businesses?

The VC pieces of equipment let you schedule conferences with other relevant tools and launch each session by just pressing a single button. The functions are easy to use, and you can expect an utterly realistic display similar to face-to-face discussions in group meetings. In the long run, these tools let you save considerable amounts of money and avoid unnecessary travels.

Choose Shouki for the video conference in Dubai

We provide a full range of Cisco tools for video conferences as a retailer and wholesaler all across the UAE. Therefore, for all your video conference products in Dubai, Shouki can be your first solution. Enjoy the best products and services by relying on us as a reliable supplier of video conference solutions. Our true professionals can guide for the best solutions based on your budget and the exact needs of your firm most efficiently.

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