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If you are looking for Cisco VoIP products in the UAE, you’re in the right place!

Who are we?

We are Shouki, an experienced distributor of VoIP products in Dubai. We provide feature-rich, advanced VoIP and IP telephony products that help businesses benefit from highly-effective, superior communications throughout their company.

VoIP Products Technology

Days have passed since we used traditional phones in an office. Thanks to the advancements of technology and the emergence of Voice Over IP Phones, telecommunication has gone through significant changes. To put in perspective, IP phones convert standard telephone audio into a digital format and transmit them on a network. These technologies make use of the Internet to send voice and data to another device. Nowadays, companies use IP-based telecommunication technologies as hardware and software in the office, and we offer them all.
VoIP products Dubai ensures you of useful and easy data access as well as an assortment of intercom capabilities, conferencing, and group messaging solutions. You deserve versatile IP telephony technologies that allow you to enjoy crystal-clear sound quality alongside the additional covered smart features. We strongly recommend VoIP and Cisco IP PBX phones for firms that have call center phones in their office. Moreover, you can connect them to your CRM as well to facilitate long-term integration of systems and better staff cooperation.
All the Cisco IP and Videophones have ergonomic designs. It means that you can use them with ease and feel comfortable for long conversations or conferences. By using these solutions, you end up saving a considerable amount of money due to the reduction in call costs. Once you install Cisco VoIP products and start using them, you feel a dramatic change that uplifts your business.

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Buy durable and modern VoIP products at irresistible prices from the Shouki team of experts in Dubai. Shop for VoIP, Cisco IP telephony, phone systems, and other network solutions from leading brands like Grandstream, Zycoo, Polycom, and Mocet. We carry a wide range of brands to choose from based on the features and budget.
Our aim is to support our clients by offering them the best VoIP products all over the UAE. We have sold Cisco IP and conferencing solutions in different quantities, both as a wholesaler and retailer in the UAE. Knowing your exact needs is a noteworthy thing to take into consideration prior to purchasing VoIP products.
Check out the following list that helps you form a better idea about VoIP and IP telephony. Above all, there is nothing to worry about if you can’t make up your mind for your final choice. Our customer and support team is ready to give the necessary consultant and provide you with the best possible solutions.
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