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Fiber module, also known as SFP transceiver and Fiber Optical Transceiver, is a packaged device used to transfer data. Using fiber-optic technology, the word “Transceiver” is the mixture of the words “transmitter” and “receiver.” That is to say, this device has both functionalities, and the manufacturers place the electric components on one housing.

What are fiber modules?

This module is an integral part of any equipment that works using optical networks. It mainly functions as an interface between a device and the interconnecting cables used in the network. To clarify, it decodes the receiving data into light pulses and sends them to the opposite end in the form of electric signals.
Converting data into light happens by a light source. The standard technologies used in this regard are FP, VSCELL, and DFB lasers. Some electrornic parts control these technologies, and photodiode semiconductor is among them as well.

Why should you buy fiber modules?

You can find an SFP Transceiver in almost every wired networking application. To mention a few, Ethernet, SONET/SDH/ONT, Fibre Channel, and CPRI all use a kind of fiber module for proper functions. For example, storage interface cards (Fibre Channel) benefit fiber modules for various speeds from 2Gb to 16Gb.
It would be best if you kept in mind that there are various types of Cisco SFP transceivers in the market. Each model comes with different configurations, and therefore, you should choose the proper item for your exact needs.
These modules have a lightweight design, making them easy to handle and use. This low weight reduces the load on their structures, which in turn, increases the lifespan. They come with features of digital monitoring that allows users to monitor how SFP performs in real-time. Experts can use this capability to measure various parameters such as temperature, voltage, wavelength, optical output, and so on.
In some cases, SFP Transceivers might use copper wires. This option is more cost-efficient if you compare it with the optic fiber cables. Experts certainly advise them for instances where the transmission of data is only required for short distances.

Buy fiber module in Dubai

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