Cisco C9300-24UXB-E Catalyst 9300 higher scale 24-port 10G/mGig with modular uplink, UPOE, Network Essentials
Catalyst 9300 24p Deep Buff mGig, UPOE, Network Essentials

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C9300-24UXB-E By Shouki In UAE

In brief The Cisco C9300-24UXB-E is designed for Cisco Stack Wise technology, providing flexible deployment with support for nonstop forwarding with Stateful Switchover (N. S. F/ S. S. O), for the most resilient architecture in a stack able (sub-50-ms) solution. The highly resilient and efficient power architecture features Cisco Stack Power. In fact, mGig UPoE Switch delivers high- density Power over Ethernet Plus (P. o. E+), 60W Cisco Universal Power over Ethernet (Cisco UPOE) ports. Obviously The C9300-24UXB-E switches are based on the Cisco Unified Access Data Plane 2.0 (UADP) 2.0 architecture which not only protects your investment. But also allows a larger scale and higher throughput. A modern operating system, Cisco IOS XE with programmability offers advanced security capabilities and Internet of Things (I. o. T) convergence.

Audio Video Bridging (AVB)

In summary Starting with Cisco IOS XE Software Release 16.8, the Cisco C9300-24UXB-E supports the IEEE 802.1 AVB standard. Thus this standard provided the means for highly reliable delivery of low- latency, time- synchronized audio and video streaming services through Layer 2 Ethernet networks. The standard also makes it easier to integrate new services and for AV equipment from different vendors to interoperate.
-Improves quality of experience by lowering jitter and latency for time-synchronized delivery of high- quality AV.
-Provides scalability of applications across networked deployments, including expansive and complex AV infrastructure.
-Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (T. C. O) with reduced cabling (lowers Cap Ex) and no license fees (lowers Op Ex).

Deep buffer Technology

Like other higher scale models Cisco C9300-24UXB-E has a deeper buffer to address the requirements of rich multi- media lossless content delivery. Also for large routing tables in a fixed access solution with a wide range of up link choices for deployment flexibility.

C9300-24UXB-E Ports:

Total 10/100/1000, Multi gigabit copper or S. F. P Fiber: 24 Multi gigabit Cisco UPOE (100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G, or 10 Gbps)
Up link Configuration: Modular Up links
Default AC power supply: 1100W AC
Switching capacity: 640 Gbps
Switching capacity with stacking: 1120 Gbps

mGig UPoE Switch, C9300-24UXB-E Dimensions:

Chassis only: 1.73 x 17.5 x 17.1 inch
W/ Default Power Supply: 1.73 x 17.5 x 20.2 inch
W/ 1100W Power Supply: 1.73 x 17.5 x 20.2 inch

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