Cisco C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A Catalyst 9300 24-port 8x mGig (100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G) + 16x 10M/100M/1G copper with fixed 2x 40G QSFP uplinks,
Catalyst 9300L 24p, 8mGig, Network Advantage ,2x40G Uplink

Enterprise Switches Item Code: C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A

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C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A Cisco Switch UPoE 40Gig uplink by Shouki Company

C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A is here in shouki website with all its specifications. Dubai Partner of Cisco Shouki Company supplies Switch UPoE 40Gig uplink C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A. The C9300L 24UXG 2QA is designed for Cisco Stack Wise® technology, providing flexible deployment with support for nonstop forwarding with Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO), for the most resilient architecture in a stack-able (sub-50-ms) solution. The highly resilient and efficient power architecture features Cisco Stack Power®, which delivers high-density Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), 60W Cisco Universal Power over Ethernet (Cisco UPOE) and 90W Cisco UPOE®+ ports.
 The Switch UPoE 40Gig uplink C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A is based on the Cisco Unified Access™ Data Plane 2.0 (UADP) 2.0 architecture which not only protects your investment but also allows a larger scale and higher throughput. A modern operating system, Cisco IOS® XE with program-ability offers advanced security capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT) convergence.

General specification of C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A

●     SD-Access: Switch UPoE 40Gig uplink C9300L 24UXG 2QA forms the foundational building block for SD-Access, Cisco’s lead enterprise architecture:
◦     Policy-based automation from edge to cloud
◦     Simplified segmentation and micro-segmentation, with predictable performance and scalability
◦     Automation through Cisco DNA Center
◦     Policy handled through the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
◦     Network assurance provided through the Cisco DNA Center all for Cisco C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A
◦     Faster launch of new business services and significantly improved issue resolution time

More details about C9300L 24UXG 2QA

●     Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) is a unique capability for identifying malware in encrypted traffic coming from the access layer. Since more and more traffic is becoming encrypted, the visibility this feature affords for threat detection is critical for keeping your network secure at different layers.
●     AES-256 MACsec encryption is the IEEE 802.1AE standard for authenticating and encrypting packets between switches. The Cisco C9300L 24UXG 2QA supports 256-bit and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), providing the most secure link encryption.

Product comparison for Switch UPoE 40Gig uplink C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A

For more details you can go to the Cisco official website. You can also compare C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A
with 2 related items WS-C2960X-24TS-L and WS-C2960X-24PS-L

How to purchase Cisco C9300L-24UXG-2Q-A

All Switch UPoE 40Gig uplink C9300L 24UXG 2QA and other related items are ready in Cisco Wholesaler in Dubai. If you are in Middle east countries or cities like Tanzania, Tajikistan or Zimbabwe, please feel free to contact us.  

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