Cisco 24 port Gigabit PoE+ Switch + 2 SFP Combo ,195w POE budget
Cisco 24 port Gigabit PoE+ Switch + 2 SFP Combo ,195w POE budget

SMB-Managed POE Switches Item Code: SG250-26P-K9

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CISCO SG250-26P-K9. Shoukinet

All models of CISCO like SG250-26P-K9 are here for you. POE Smart Switch SG250-26P-K9 is supplied by Dubai Distributor of CISCO Shouki Electronics. Our 250 Series Smart Switches are available in a variety of port configurations and speeds. Then, you can choose the model that best meets your needs.
In today's hyper-connected world, reliable access to network resources is critical to all businesses. However, you also need to invest wisely to stay competitive, knowing how to separate the essential from the extraneous and get the most value for your dollar. The model Cisco SG250 26P can meet all your requirements your business is in need of.

Advanced features and performance of SG250-26P-K9


POE Smart Switch SG250 26P is the next generation of affordable smart switches that combine powerful network performance and reliability with a complete suite of the network features you need for a solid business network. Also, these powerful Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet switches, with Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, provide multiple management options, sophisticated security capabilities, fine-tuned Quality-of-Service (QoS) and Layer 3 static routing features far beyond those of an unmanaged or consumer-grade switch, at a lower cost than for fully managed switches.
Here are some main issues about the Cisco SG250-26P-K9:

·        Easy configuration and management

Smart Network Application (SNA) is an innovative network-level monitoring and management tool embedded in the Cisco 100 to 500 Series switches.
Moreover, the Find IT Network Discovery Utility works through a simple toolbar on the user’s web browser to discover Cisco devices like SG250-26P-K9 on the network and display basic device information, inventory, and new firmware updates to aid in the configuration and speed the deployment of Cisco SME’s products.
Then, Cisco Smart ports technology provides more advanced capabilities and hands-on control by automatically configuring ports with specific levels of security, QoS, and availability according to the type of connected device, based on Cisco best practices and pretested configurations.

·        Layer 3 static routing

This capability allows you to segment your network into separate workgroups and communicate across VLANs without degrading application performance.

·        Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)

PoE+ provides up to 30W of power per port, enabling deployments for 802.11ac wireless access points, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) IP cameras, videophones, and thin client devices, delivering more flexibility and investment protection.

More information and comparison for SG250 26P

For more details you can go to the CISCO official website. You can also compare POE Smart Switch SG250 26P with 2 related items SX550X-16FT-K9 and SF350-24-K9

How to purchase POE Smart Switch SG250-26P-K9

All Cisco SG250-26P-K9 and thousands of newest models are available in CISCO Wholesaler in Dubai, UAE. You can also place your order from our partner in Middle east like, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan or Dubai.



Product Details
Combo Ports (RJ‑45 + SFP) 26- 10/100/1000
Unit Dimensions 440 x 44 x 257 mm
Number of Ports That Support PoE+ 24
Forwarding performance 38.69 Mpps
Total System Ports 10
Active VLANs 4096
Enclosure rack Mount
Switching Layer 3 ,2
USB port 1
Supported SFP modules MGBSX1 ,MGBLH1 ,MGBT1,MGBBX1
Switching capacity 52 Gbps
Power Budget 195 W
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