Cisco RV340W Dual WAN Gigabit Wireless AC VPN Router

Item Code: RV340W-E-K9

Cisco RV340W-E-K9. Shouki Electronics

All models of Cisco like RV340W-E-K9 are here for you. SFP VPN Router RV340W-E-K9 is supplied by Dubai Wholesaler of Cisco Shouki Electronics. Small businesses are constantly exposed to Internet threats. The Cisco RV340W Dual WAN Gigabit Wireless-AC VPN Router connects small businesses to the Internet and protects employees from unwanted content and malicious websites, without compromising the online experience. Then, the router helps boost employee productivity and overall network performance by limiting Internet surfing to appropriate site categories and eliminating unwanted network traffic.
Cisco RV340W-E-K9


Advanced features and performance of RV340W


The RV340W-E-K9 Series routers connect small businesses securely to the Internet. Also, the routers protect employees from threats such as viruses, network attacks, unwanted content, and malicious websites. All that without compromising the online experience. But, to operate the router no license is required. It will work with full performance and all VPN features are turned on.
  1. The customer can add advanced security features to the router using a license. The license will enable IPS, Antivirus, Web Security, App ID, and Client ID. The licensed security features can be trialed at no cost for 90 days for RV340W
  1. To integrate the router into Cisco Umbrella as a “network device type,” and to have the advantage of detailed security reporting for all hosts behind the router, a Cisco Umbrella license is required. For customers using only the RV especially SFP VPN Router RV340W-E-K9 routers, an affordable Cisco Umbrella branch license is available.

Product Specification of SFP VPN Router RV340W-E-K9

  • Application Visibility
Application identification: Assign policies to Internet applications
500 unique Apps
  • Client Identification
Identifies and categorizes clients dynamically. Assigns policies based on end device category and operating system
  • IPSec
IKEv1 and IKEv2
50 simultaneous connections (any combination of remote access and site-to-site), up to 650 Mbps throughput for Cisco RV340W-E-K9

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For more details you can go to the Cisco official website. You can also compare SFP VPN Router RV340W
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All Cisco RV340W and other related items are ready in Cisco Wholesaler in Dubai. If you are in Middle east countries like Cameroon, Djibouti or Angola, please feel free to contact us.

Client-to-Site IPSec VPN 50
Power Supply Power adapter - external
WAN Interfaces SFP or GE
PPTP VPN tunnels 25
Device Type Wireless Dual WAN Security Gateway
3G/4G/5G USB Dongle support
NAT throughput 980 MBPS
Enclosure Type Desktop, Wall-Mount, Metal
Concurrent sessions 40000
WiFi 802.11ac (WiFi-5)
Antenna External fixed paddle antennas
GRE tunnels 10
IPSec VPN throughput 650 Mbps
Open VPN tunnels 50
Ports 2 x GE RJ-45 WAN, 4 x GE RJ-45 LAN ports, 2 x USB
LAN Interfaces 4 GE
Site-to-Site IPSec VPN 50