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Cisco 3-CBW240AC-E CBW 240AC Access Point, 802.11ac Wave 2; 4x4:4 MIMO– 3 Packs

Item Code: WEB-ITM-2770

AED 2,133.00 (AED 2,133.00 / Unit)

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Short Description

  1. PERFORMANCE: Superior MU-MIMO (4x4) performance supporting up to 200 wireless devices and a maximum wireless coverage up to 3000 square feet
  2. DEPLOYMENT: Flexible deployment wall or celling mount (brackets included). Works also with Cisco Business Power over Ethernet injector (CB-PWRINJ)
  3. ENHANCED COVERAGE: Supports up to 25 mesh extenders while delivering a reliable user experience
  4. SET UP IN MINUTES: Simplify management and monitor your network from Cisco Business Mobile app or web browser
  5. ADVANCED SECURITY: Enterprise-class security prevent malware, phishing, and other threats from compromising your network via Cisco Umbrella integration
  6. NETWORK ACCESS: Prioritize network access based on use cases (i.e. point of sales system, surveillance) or guest privileges
  7. PEACE OF MIND: One-year technical support and limited lifetime warranty

Cisco business Access Piont 3-CBW240AC-E Shouki


All models of Cisco like 3-CBW240AC-E are here for you. Access Point 3-CBW240AC-E is supplied by Dubai Distributor of CISCO Shouki Electronics. The Cisco Business Access Point 240AC delivers an ideal blend of predictable performance in a compact form. Incorporating 802.11ac Wave 2 features, this platform is ideal for small-to-midsize enterprise deployments.

Ideal for small and medium-sized networks, the Cisco 3-CBW240AC-E delivers industry-leading performance for enterprise-class 4x4 Multi-user Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO), four spatial stream access points that support the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11ac Wave 2 standard. Therefore, the Cisco Business 240AC Access Point extends support to a new generation of Wi-Fi clients, such as smartphones, tablets, and high-performance laptops that have integrated 802.11ac Wave 1 or Wave 2 support.

Cisco 3-CBW240AC-E

Advanced features and performance of 240AC


The Cisco Business Cisco 3-CBW240AC-E is managed by the Cisco Business Mobile app, an intuitive client application that simplifies traditional challenges associated with wireless network deployment, right from your mobile device. But you can extend your network by adding new mesh extenders and automating wireless network activation in minutes. A robust management capability dynamically changes network configuration such as enabling guest access. Network usage, traffic patterns, and network throughput can be closely monitored, providing a real-time snapshot; this not only provides peace of mind, it virtually ensures optimal user experience. Also, the Cisco Business Mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Key features and benefits:


  1. Cisco 240AC has Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2); WPA3 is coming in a future release
  2. 1X, Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS); Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
  3. Segmentation via VLANs (up to 16)
  4. 11r and 802.11i
  5. Guest network can also authenticate against: Google and Facebook
  6. Maximum number of associated wireless clients: 200 per Wi-Fi radio, in total 400 clients per access point, or 1000 in a system
  7. Maximum number of associated Cisco Business mesh extenders: 25 per access point, up to 8 hops
  8. Optional Cisco Business Power over Ethernet injector (CB-PWRINJ-xx) for all 3-CBW240AC-E
  9. 3af/at Ethernet switch, a Cisco Business Switch with PoE is recommended



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How to purchase Access Point 240AC


All Access Point 3-CBW240AC-E and thousands of newest models are available in CISCO Distributor in Dubai, UAE. You can also place your order from our partner in Middle east like, Somalia, Azerbaijan or Oman.

Product Details
Connectivity technology Wireless AC
Maximum active WLAN clients 1000
Antenna 2 x internal PIFA
Number of access points supported per cluster 50
Data transfer rate 1730 +600 Mbps
Network and transport protocol DHCP, Bonjour
Multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) 4 x 4:4 for 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz or 1x1 on both 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz
Number of radios 2
Status indicators One LED power, WLAN, LAN
Frequency band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Interfaces 1 Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T; RJ-45
Mounting kit No, desktop only
Data link protocol IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, IEEE 802.11ac
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