24x 10G SFP+ ports 4x 10G 10GBase-T copper ports (combo with 4 SFP+) 1x 1G management port
24x 10G SFP+ ports 4x 10G 10GBase-T copper ports (combo with 4 SFP+) 1x 1G management port

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Cisco SX350X-24F-K9 By Shouki In UAE

SX350X-24F-K9; Managed switches that provide the ideal combination of features and affordability

To stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, small businesses need to make every dollar count. That means getting the most value from your technology investments. But it also means making sure that employees have fast, reliable access to the business tools and information they need. Every minute an employee waits for an unresponsive application – and every minute your network is down – has an impact on your bottom line. The importance of maintaining a strong and dependable business network only grows as your business adds more employees, applications, and network complexity. That’s why you need to buy SX350X-24F-K9; Cisco 10G SFP Switch.

High-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet

SX350X-24F-K9 switches break the barrier of 10 Gigabit Ethernet adoption. And they provide affordable and powerful features for growing small and medium-sized business networks. With the 10G ports in both copper and fiber, you can easily and cost-effectively enable 10.G connections to servers and network storage devices with standard RJ-45 Ethernet cables. You can also aggregate 10G Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (S.F.P+) fiber connections to build a high-performance backbone to dramatically increase the overall speed of your network.

Advanced Layer 3 traffic management

SX350X-24F-K9 enables a more advanced set of traffic management capabilities to help growing businesses organize their networks more effectively and efficiently. The switches provide static LAN Layer 3 routing. which allows you to segment your network into workgroups and communicate across VLAN s without degrading application performance. With these capabilities, you can boost the efficiency of your network by offloading internal traffic-handling tasks from your router. And allows it to manage primarily external traffic and security.

SX350X-24F-K9; Cisco 10G SFP Switch Ports

-24x 10G SFP+ ports
-4x 10G 10GBase-T copper ports (combo with 4 SFP+)
-1x 1G management port

Buy Cisco SX350X-24F-K9

So stop hesitating and buy SX350X-24F-K9 right now. It also provides green power mood (EEE, Energy Detect, Short Reach). You can buy SX350X-24F-K9 from shops all over the world. You can also purchase it through online shops. The price isn’t high so it’s the best option for small and growing businesses.
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