Cisco Catalyst 9300 24-port PoE+. Network Essentials
Cisco Catalyst 9300 24-port PoE+. Network Essentials

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C9300-24P-E By Shouki In UAE

The Cisco has designed C9300-24P-E for Cisco Stack Wise technology. Because This device provides flexible deployment with support for nonstop forwarding with State ful Switchover (NSF/SSO). It is the most resilient architecture in a stack able (sub-50-ms) solution. The highly resilient and efficient power architecture features Cisco Stack Power. Then it delivers high- density Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), 60W Cisco Universal Power over Ethernet (Cisco UPOE) and 90W Cisco UPOE+ ports. The switches are based on the Cisco Unified Access Data Plane 2.0 (UADP) 2.0 architecture. This technology not only protects your investment but also allows a larger scale and higher throughput. A modern operating system, Cisco IOS XE with programm ability offers advanced security capabilities and Internet of Things (I. o. T) convergence. And now we offer you C9300 24P-E In UAE. Thus C9300 24P-E In UAE
C9300-24P-E 24-port modular up links PoE+, Network Essentials

High-Performance IP routing

The Cisco Express Forwarding hardware routing architecture delivers extremely high-performance IP routing in Cisco C9300-24P-E switches. In detail we can name:
-IP uni cast routing protocols (including static, Routing Information Protocol Version 1 [RIPv1], RIPv2, RIPng, and Open Shortest Path First [O. S. P. F], Routed Access). Network Essentials stack supports all of the told protocols for small network routing applications. On the other hand supports Equal- cost routing facilitates Layer 3 load balancing and redundancy across the stack.
-Advanced IP uni cast routing protocols (including Full [O. S. P. F], Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [E. I. G. R. P], Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 [BGPv4], and Intermediate System- to- Intermediate System Version 4 [IS-ISv4]) are supported for load balancing and for constructing scalable LANs. Additionally Hardware supports IPv6 routing (using OSPFv3 and BGPv6) for maximum performance.
- Protocol-Independent Multicast (P. I. M) for IP multicast routing is supported, including P. I. M Sparse Mode (P. I. M SM), and Source-Specific Multicast (S. S. M).
-IPv6 addressing is supported on interfaces with appropriate show commands for monitoring and troubleshooting.

C9300-24P-E Ports:

Total 10/100/1000, Multi gigabit copper or S. F. P Fiber: 24 POE+
Up link Configuration: Modular Up links

Cisco C9300-24P-E Dimensions:

Chassis only: 4.4 x 44.5 x 40.9 cm
W/ Default Power Supply: 4.4 x 44.5 x 44.9 cm
W/ 1100W Power Supply: 4.4 x 44.5 x 48.8 cm
Surprisingly C9300-24P-E Weights 7.4 kg.
By all means You can buy C9300 24P-E In UAE through our shop.

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