Cisco SG220-50-K9 48 10/100/1000 ports 2 Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo port

Item Code: SG220-50-K9

SG220-50-K9 By Shouki In UAE

For businesses requiring high performance, security, and manageability from network switches, fully managed switches are an excellent choice. However, they typically come with high price tags. Smart switches SG220-50-K9 provide the right level of network features and capabilities for growing businesses at lower prices. So you have more dollars to invest where they’re most needed. Buy Cisco SG220-50-K9

Business Applications that SG220-50-K9 offers:

With SG220-50-K9 switches, you can not only build an efficient and reliable network to connect the workforce. But also can make advanced solutions to deliver data, voice, and video services on a converged infrastructure.

Get the best value for your money by buy SG220-50-K9. Possible deployment scenario s include:

- Secured desktop connectivity. Cisco 220 Series switche s can quickly and reliably connect employees working in small offices with each other and with all of the server s, printer s, and other device s they use.
- Flexible wireless connectivity. With P o E + support, and comprehensive security and Quality of Service (Q o S) capabilities. Cisco 220 Serie s switche s provide a solid foundation to add business - grade wireless to the network. You can easily move up to a cutting - edge 802.11 a c wireless access point to increase workforce productivity without worrying about power and throughput.
- Unified communications. The Cisco 220 Series switches provide Q o S features to automatically prioritize delay - sensitive traffic to help you easily deploy an I P - based communication solution on a converged network. P o E + support can enable I P camera s and videophone s to be easily added to your current network. Cisco offers a complete portfolio of I P telephony and other unified communications products designed for small businesses. Cisco has tested SG220-50-K9 switches rigorously to help ensure easy integration and full compatibility with these and other vendor products.

Port s:

50 Gigabit Ethernet
48 Gigabit Ethernet
2 Gigabit Ethernet combo
To make sure user s are satisfied after buy SG220-50-K9, Cisco offers some after sale term s. Such as Limited lifetime hardware warranty. Not to mention professional s in Cisco Small Business Support Center location s worldwide supports Cisco small and midsize business product s. Who are specifically trained to understand your needs and know your language. Community- based online support is also provided through the award- winning Cisco Support Community.
Over all it’s a good decision to Buy Cisco SG220-50-K9 for your growing business.