Cisco 28 Gigabit Ethernet including 2 SFP slots, 2 Gigabit Ethernet combo
Cisco 28 Gigabit Ethernet including 2 SFP slots, 2 Gigabit Ethernet combo

SMB-Managed Switches Item Code: SG350-28-K9

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General introduction to Model: Manage Switch SG350-28-K9 or CISCO SG350 28

The CISCO Partner in Dubai presents all models of CISCO SG350-28-K9 quickly and easily with the best after sales services. CISCO SG350 28 Switches are next-generation managed switches that offer excellent performance, rich features, and ease of use. When your business adds more employees, network complexity and applications Manage Switch SG350 28 helps you maintain a strong and dependable business network. Advanced CLI management options are available. We also offer a USB port for easier file management. The Cisco SG350 28, part of the Cisco Small Business line of network solutions, is a portfolio of affordable managed switches that provides a reliable foundation for your business network

Product information of Manage Switch SG350 28

For SG350 28 models, they are available with 8 to 48 ports of Fast Ethernet and 10 to 52 ports of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, providing optimal flexibility to create exactly the right network foundation for your business. Whether you need a basic high-performance network to connect employee computers or a solution to deliver data, voice, and video services, the Cisco 350 Series offers a solution to meet your needs. For faster deployment or upgrade the USB port on the front panel of Manage Switch SF350 48 enables easy image and configuration transfer.

Advantages and specifications of CISCO SG350-28-K9

-         It is equipped with a smart port intelligence automatically
-         Uniform MAC address-based security can be applied automatically to mobile users as they roam between wireless access points.
-         Storm control can be applied to broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast traffic.
-         Private VLAN Edge (PVE) provides Layer 2 isolation between devices on the same VLAN.
-         LEDs that can be turned off to save power
-         Limited lifetime warranty with Next-Business-Day (NBD) advance replacement (where available; otherwise same day ship)

Details and comparing for Manage Switch SG350 28

For more details you can go to the CISCO official website. You can also compare Manage Switch SG350-28-K9 with 2 related items SF350-48-K9 and SG350-10SFP-K9

How could you purchase CISCO SG350-28-K9

All CISCO SG350-28-K9 and thousands of newest models are available in CISCO Partner in Dubai, UAE. You can also place your order from our partner in Middle east , Tajikistan, Congo or Burkina Faso.
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