C9K-T1-FANTRAY - Cisco Switch Catalyst 9500 Accessories
C9K-T1-FANTRAY - Cisco Switch Catalyst 9500 Accessories

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Cisco C9K-T1-FANTRAY By Shouki In Dubai

C9K-T1-FANTRAY is Cisco Catalyst 9500 fan tray. The Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series Switches ship with up to five field-replaceable variable-speed fans. These have front-to-back airflow and can operate with up to one individual fan failure. The fan trays support fan-tray Online Insertion and Removal (O. I. R) and can support a maximum fan speed of up to 24,000 rpm.
Despite rampant increases in power dissipation, the use of liquid for cooling electronics remains sporadic. Air cooling continues to be the dominant mode for most electronics applications.
A tray of cooling fans provides forced air cooling for components in the Catalyst 9500 switches. The fan trays are hot- swappable and can be replaced without powering down the system. However, if you do not replace the fan tray within a few minutes, the system enters thermal protection mode.
C9K-T1-FANTRAY Mean time between failures or M. T. B. F is 3,035,430 hours.
You can install C9K-T1-FANTRAY on C9500-32QC, C9500-48Y4C, C9500-24Y4C with maximum number of four fan on each device.

Buy C9K-T1-FANTRAY in Dubai

You can easily buy C9K-T1-FANTRAY in Dubai through our shop. installing new fans in C9500 series isn’t that hard and if one of their fans stops working, you can buy C9K-T1-FANTRAY and replace it.
The Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series Switches come with an Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty (E-L. L. W) that includes Next-Business-Day (N. B. D) delivery of replacement hardware where available and 90 days of 8x5 Cisco Technical Assistance Center (T. A. C) support. Your formal warranty statement, including the warranty applicable to Cisco software, appears in the information packet that accompanies your Cisco product. We encourage you to carefully review the warranty statement shipped with your specific product before use. Cisco reserves the right to refund the purchase price as its exclusive warranty remedy.

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