Engenius On-Premises Controller with Cloud Management, up to 100 Switch/AP
Engenius SkyKey I On-Premises up to 100 Switch/AP Controller with Cloud Management

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SkyKey EnGenius Network Management Controller by Shouki

SkyKey is here in shouki website with all its specifications. Dubai distributor of Shouki Company supplies EnGenius SkyKey. It is a Network Management Controller. For IT managers or administrators at small and midsize businesses who need to quickly and easily manage access points and switches, It’s intuitive interface and simple plug-and-play integration securely provide efficient device management, cloud accessibility that allows remote management of multiple SkyKeys from a single cloud portal and visibility without requiring a dedicated server.

Benefits of SkyKey


  • Network Management for Up-To 100 EnGenius APs & Switches
  • Provides On-Premises and Subscription-Free Cloud Network Management Capability.
  • Built-in Powerful Quad-Core CPU
  • Plug and Play Installation. Simply plug into Ethernet Switch, no additional downloads or training required.
  • Simple, Intuitive interface via ez -Master Network Management software for local or remote AP & Switch configuring & monitoring.
  • Save up to 7 Days of Management Data
  • Micro SD Slot for Extra Back-Up
  • 802.3af/at or DC12V Input Power Source


General specification

IT administrators choose cloud or direct on-premise network management giving full control over the managed network. SkyKey also allows administrators to use a combination of both methods to create the most efficient process for their company.
With its compact size, SkyKey fits in small spaces and can be arranged in many different configurations, including stacking and side-by-side. The magnetic backing ensures the device stays securely on the side of a server rack or top of a switch. Unlike similar products, SkyKey does not repeatedly fall off equipment and wear down cables.
SkyKey provides a single place to view status and analytics of up to 100 devices and perform administrative tasks on both wired and wireless devices. With its detailed analytics, administrators view all the data in a single location and can make informed business decisions. To save even more time, administrators can troubleshoot and resolve issues from the management interface


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How to order SkyKey

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