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Cisco CBS250-8T-E-2G-UK CBS250 8 ports Gigabit Switch with 2 copper/SFP combo

Item Code: WEB-ITM-2183

AED 705.00 (AED 705.00 / Unit)

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Short Description

  1. SWITCH PORTS: 8-Port Giga + 2 x 1GE copper/SFP combo
  2. SIMPLE: Intuitive Cisco Business Dashboard or on-box U/I simplifies network operations and automates lifecycle management
  3. SECUR: Integrated with IEEE 802.1X port security to control access to your network, Denial-of- Service (DoS) attack prevention increases network uptime during an attack, while extensive Access Control Lists (ACLs) protect the network from unauthorized users and guard against network attacks
  4. CREATIVE DESIGN: Elegant and compact design, ideal for installation outside of wiring closet such as retail stores, open plan offices, and classrooms

Cisco Business Switch CBS250-8T-E-2G by Shouki Company

CBS250-8T-E-2G is here in our website with all its specifications. Dubai Partner of Cisco Shouki Company supplies Cisco Business Switch CBS250-8T-E-2G. In today's hyper connected world, reliable access to network resources is critical to all businesses. However, you also need to invest wisely to stay competitive, knowing how to separate the essential from the extraneous and get the most value for your dollar. While building a solid foundation for your business network infrastructure is essential, it doesn’t mean you need the most advanced feature set on the market.

For businesses requiring high performance, advanced security, and rich manageability from the network, fully managed switches are an excellent choice. However, they also typically come with high price tags. Smart switches provide the right level of network features and capabilities for growing businesses at an affordable price, so you’ll have more dollars to put toward growing your business.

General specification of CBS250-8T-E-2G

●      Small office networking: The versatility and affordability of the Cisco Business Switch CBS250 8TE family of switches provide an ideal enterprise-class networking foundation for small businesses with limited IT support and budget.

●      High-speed desktop connectivity: Cisco CBS250 8TE switches can quickly and securely connect employees working in small offices with one another and with all of the printers, servers, and other networking devices. High performance and reliable connectivity help speed up file transfers and data processing, improve network up time, and keep your employees productive.

More details about CBS250 8TE

 Easy configuration and management: 

CBS250-8T-E-2G is designed to be easy to deploy and use by small businesses or the partners that serve them:

◦    Cisco Business Dashboard is designed to manage Cisco Business switches, routers, and wireless access points. It lets you easily customize the interface and widgets to proactively manage your network. Cisco Business 250 Series switches support embedded probe for Cisco Business Dashboard, eliminating the need to set up a separate hardware or virtual machine on site. For more information, visit

◦    The redesigned modern web user interfaces reduce the time required to deploy, troubleshoot, and manage the network. Configuration wizards simplify the most common configuration tasks and provide the ultimate tool for anyone to set up and manage the network for Cisco CBS250 8TE.

Product comparison for Cisco Business Switch CBS250-8T-E-2G

For more details you can go to the Cisco official website. You can also compare CBS250 8TE

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How to purchase Cisco CBS250-8T-E-2G

All Cisco Business Switch CBS250-8T-E-2G and other related items are ready in Cisco Wholesaler in Dubai. If you are in Middle east countries like Ethiopia, Pakistan or Yemen, please feel free to contact us. 

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