Cisco 9117AXI Catalyst 9117 Dual-Band WiFi 6 PoE+ Access Point (5000Mbps AX)
Cisco 9117AXI Catalyst 9117 Dual-Band WiFi 6 PoE+ Access Point (5000Mbps AX)

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C9117AXI-E By Shouki In Dubai

Hyper connectivity with steady performance in demanding environment s. Exponential growth of Internet of Thing s (I. o. T) device s and next- generation application s. On the other hand Advanced persistent security threat s. All of these require a wireless network that provide s resiliency and superior connectivity, integrated security with advanced classification and containment. In addition, it should have hardware and software innovation s to automate, secure, and simplify network s. Updating your wireless infrastructure to one that will meet these need s is paramount for today s digital business. The new generation of Cisco C9117AXI-E Access Point s, with high -performance Wi -Fi 6 (802.11 a x) capabilities and innovations in R. F performance, security, and analytic s, enables end -to -end digitization. They also help accelerate the rollout of business service s by delivering beyond Wi -Fi. And now you can porchase Cisco C9117AXI-E in Dubai.

Secure infrastructure

Cisco Trust Anchor Technologie s has a built provide trustworthy system s which are highly secure foundation for Cisco product s. Also these technologie s enable hardware and software strong mitigation against man- in- the- middle attacks that compromise software and firmware.
Trust Anchor capabilities include:
-Image signing: C. r. y. p. t. o graphically signed images provide assurance that the firmware, B. I. O. S, and other software are authentic and unmodified. during system boot s, the system’s software signatures are checked for integrity.
-Cisco Trust Anchor module: A tamper -resistant, strong c r y p t o graphic, single -chip solution provide s hardware authenticity assurance. So it can uniquely identify the product so that its origin can be confirmed to Cisco. This provide s assurance that the product is genuine.

Cisco C9117AXI-E Part number s

-Access Point: Indoor environment s, with internal antenna s
-Regulatory domain s: (x = regulatory domain)
-Customer s are responsible for verifying approval for use in their individual countrie s. Therefore to verify approval and to identify the regulatory domain that correspond s to a particular country, visit Cisco official website.

Intelligence for proactive insight s and analytic s in C9117AXI-E

Nowadays multi -R. F support paramount for I. o. T devices and expanded ecosystem partnership s has become a hot topic.Thus therefor Cisco C9117AXI-E provide s unprecedented visibility from mobile device s on Cisco network s. This device Enable s digitization with Cisco D. N. A. Thus the Cisco C9117AXI-E offer s further Cisco R. F innovation s for securing air with real- time telemetry, guided remediation, and optimization for W i -F i and I. o. T network s. C9117AXI-E Access Point s can support advanced spectrum intelligence, device analytic s, and network assurance.
You can purchase Cisco C9117AXI-E in Dubai and its additional device s from our shop.

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