Cisco Catalyst 9130AX external antennas, 5 Gbps mGig, Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, up to 5.38 Gbps data rates, 160 MHz, 8x8 MIMO
Cisco Catalyst 9130AX Series Access point

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Cisco C9130AXE-E By Shouki In UAE

With the emergence of high-density networks and the Internet of Things (I o T), we depend more on wireless networks than ever before. Increasing numbers of devices connect to the network every year, ranging from high-performance client devices to low-bandwidth I o T devices. Cisco C9130AXE-E Access Points provide a seamless experience anywhere for everyone, with high scaling and unmatched performance in diverse network deployments. Going beyond the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) standard, the C9130AXE-E provides integrated security, resiliency, and operational flexibility as well as increased network intelligence. Buy C9130AXE-E
Extending Cisco’s intent-based network and perfect for networks of all sizes, the Cisco C9130AXE-E
scales to meet the growing demands of I o T. While it fully supports the latest innovations and new technologies. The C9130AXE-E is also a leader in performance, security, and analytics. It is great choice to buy C9130AXE-E.

Key features:

-Wi-Fi 6 certified, supporting 802.11ax on both 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands
-Up to four Wi-Fi radios: 5GHz flexible radio (single 8x8 or dual 4x4), 2.4GHz (4x4) and Cisco RF ASIC
-O F D M A and M U-M I M O
-Multigigabit support
-Internal and external antenna

C9130AXE-E Licenses

Cisco C9130AXE-E Wireless Controllers supports Four levels of license. User can configure the controllers to function at any one of the four levels.
-Cisco DNA Essentials: At this level it will supports the Cisco DNA Essentials feature set.
-Cisco DNA Advantage: At this level it will supports the Cisco DNA Advantage feature set.
-N E : At this level it will supports the Network Essentials feature set.
-N A : At this level it will supports the Network Advantage feature set.

Buy C9130AXE-E Access Point

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