Cisco 521 wired single earpiece Headset with 3.5mm connector and USB-A Adapter
Cisco 521 wired single earpiece Headset with 3.5mm connector and USB-A Adapter

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CISCO CP-HS-W-521-USB headset by Shouki


Product Description

With the advancement of cables used to make internet calls, some companies have begun to develop new communication equipment that uses the Internet instead of telecommunication cables. The emergence of IP-based phones and Call Center headsets are two examples of theses equipments. The CISCO CP-HS-W-521-USB headset is one of the headsets provided by Cisco Company in the marketplace that forms part of the corporate communications basket. This headset is part of the 500 series of headsets.

Product Characteristics

The CISCO CP-HS-W-521-USB headset is one of Cisco's 500 professional headset products designed to be present in the workplace. It delivers high-pitched sound and captures the noise while transmitting, making the two sides have a comfortable call.

Advantages of CISCO CP-HS-W-521-USB headset

Main advantage: Use one handset for calling
Other advantages:
• Lightness
• USB support
• Excellent sound
• High Noise Capture
• Wired- USB connect
• ideal for 8800 series cisco phones
• Power 3.5-mm connector
• The CISCO CP-HS-W-521-USB headset is usually silver color
• Comes with an extra USB adapters
• Ability to hold calls
• Ability to use mute mode

 Cisco CP-HS-W-521-USB

Other Characteristics

Cisco Company has a two-year warranty for buyers of this product that you can use after sales service by contacting Shouki Electronics. Shouki Electronics will be with you at every step of the product purchase whether buying or consulting and provides a good experience of using these headsets for your organization's call centers.
For buying a CISCO CP-HS-W-521-USB headset you can contact Shouki Electronics in Dubai, which is one of the largest providers of IP-based communications equipment in the entire Middle East and Asia. Electronic Shouki will provide these high quality Cisco headsets in the shortest possible time. As Shouki’s website is available 24/7, you can visit it and order every kind of products that you want fast and easy and experience a good purchase to be satisfied. 
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