Cisco 522 wired dual earpiece Headset with 3.5mm connector and USB-A Adapter
Cisco 522 wired dual earpiece Headset with 3.5mm connector and USB-A Adapter

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CISCO CP-HS-W-522-USB headset by Shouki

Product Description

One of the major products of Cisco's 500 Series headset is the Cisco CP-HS-W-522-USB, which has many buyers. This product is very similar to the first product in this series, with two built-in communication handsets that make listening easier and provide a noiseless, high-quality sound to companies and call centers that deliver high quality calls throughout the day from customers from all over the world.

The CISCO CP-HS-W-522-USB is one of the headsets that has a high noise isolation ability and creates a very high quality sound during a call. The lightness of this product and the use of two handsets have also made it one of the favorite products of Cisco Company, which is one of the largest companies that manufacture Internet-based communications around the world.

Product Characteristics

The main advantage of the CISCO CP-HS-W-522-USB: Use two handsets for calling.
·        Other product advantages:
·        Lightness
·        USB support
·        Stereo sound
·        High Noise Capture
·        The headset is usually black
·        CISCO CP-HS-W-522-USB Comes with an extra USB adapter
·        Ability to hold calls
·        Ability to use mute mode
·        Wired
·        compatible with the The cisco IP phones from 8800 series

Cisco CP-HS-W-522-USB=

Other characteristics

For buying a CISCO CP-HS-W-522-USB you can contact Shouki Electronics in Dubai to provide you with these headsets as soon as possible. This company's online store is always available for you to order, with information on various products including high quality Cisco headsets and you can read and make the best choices and order products and enjoy a good purchase as fast as it could be.
Cisco Company has a two-year warranty for buyers of this product that you can use after sales service by contacting Shouki Electronics. Shouki Electronics is one of the reputable companies providing Cisco products in the Middle East and has a long history of working with various companies. The company also offers a wide range of other Internet-based communication products and you can make a good purchase by viewing the information on these products. Have a good purchase by Shouki Electronics.
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