Cisco 531 wired single earpiece Headset with Quick Disconnect coiled RJ Headset Cable
Cisco 531 wired single earpiece Headset with Quick Disconnect coiled RJ Headset Cable

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Cisco CP-HS-W-531-RJ headset by Shouki

Product Description

The cisco CP-HS-W-531-RJ is one of the Cisco 500 Series headsets that has been redesigned respect to its previous product. This product uses a handset to communicate with high noise isolation ability of the previous models, but also uses RJ cables to communicate instead of USB.

Product Characteristics

The Cisco CP-HS-W-531-RJ is a first of its kind Cisco 530 Series headsets that integrates with other hardwares and is extremely easy to manage, deploy and operate. These features come from Cisco's flawless engineering that provides you with the experience of using a high-quality and reliable Call Center headset which makes it proper to use in working places like call centers.

Advantages of Cisco CP-HS-W-531-RJ

Main advantage: Use a handset for calling
Other product advantage:
• Lightness
• Microphone impedance of 90 ohms
• Response frequency 150 - 6800 Hz
• High Noise capturing During Call
• wired
• The Cisco CP-HS-W-531-RJ is usually black.
• Ability to hold calls
• Ability to use mute mode
• Supports up to 118 db
• Compatible with cisco MPP phones 6841, 6851, 6861, 6871, 7821, 7841, 7861,and all 88xx ip Phones

Cisco CP-HS-W-531-RJ

Other characteristics

Cisco Company has a two-year warranty for buyers of this product that you can use after sales service by contacting Shouki Electronics. Shouki Electronics is one of the companies based in UAE and the city of Dubai that offers a wide range of Internet based communication products and services. You can visit their website and order what you want. It is fast and easy.
To buy the Cisco CP-HS-W-531-RJ in the Middle East you can also order this product in person and join the company's customers. The company is one of the leading companies in Dubai and the Middle East in terms of customer relationship and has worked with many reputable companies and considers the secret of its success to an effective and respectful relationship with customers. Have a good purchase.
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