Cisco 532 wired dual earpiece Headset with Quick Disconnect coiled RJ Headset Cable
Cisco 532 wired dual earpiece Headset with Quick Disconnect coiled RJ Headset Cable

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Cisco CP-HS-W-532-RJ headset by Shouki

Product Description

The Cisco CP-HS-W-532-RJ is one of the Cisco 500 Series headsets that offer many advantages. This product is lightweight and does not bother people who wear it throughout the day, and with this headset you can enjoy the sophistication of an advanced device with plenty of functionality.

Product Characteristics
The Cisco CP-HS-W-532-RJ uses a USB cable, and the LED buttons on it make it easy to set up in various modes. This headset is extremely powerful for noise isolation in the surroundings and is suitable for full-time call centers with high noise levels.

Advantages of Product

Main advantage: Use a handset for calling
Other Product advantages:
• Lightness
• Microphone impedance of 90 ohms
• Response frequency 150 - 6800 Hz
• High Noise Isolation During Call
• Mono sound quality
• wired
• The Cisco CP-HS-W-532-RJ is usually black.
• Ability to hold calls
• Ability to use mute mode
• Supports up to 118 db
• Compatible with cisco MPP phones 6841, 6851, 6861, 6871, 7821, 7841, 7861,and all 88xx ip Phones

Cisco CP-HS-W-532-RJ

Other Characteristics

Cisco Company has a two-year warranty for buyers of this product that you can use after sales service by contacting Shouki Electronics. The company is located in Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street, Dubai, and is one of the suppliers of Internet-based communication products. Its wide range of services ranging from IP phones to business headsets and sensors has made it a well-known company in the region.
To buy the Cisco CP-HS-W-532-RJ in the Middle East you can order this product online or in person and be a new costumer of this company who is proud to serve the most reputable companies in the Middle East. The website of the company is at your disposal so that you can make a secure purchase at any time, anywhere. You will enjoy a good purchase and will be a loyal customer after your first experience of purchase.Just check the website and have a good purchase.
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