Cisco 561 wireless single earpiece Headset with Multibase Station
Cisco 561 wireless single earpiece Headset with Multibase Station

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Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-M-EU headset by Shouki

Product Description

This product is one of the newest headsets offered by American Company Cisco with added capabilities compared to the previous 500 Series Call Center headset. The Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-M-EU supports wireless connections that allow for in-call switching and multitasking.

Product Features

This product uses a handset for communication, which makes it easy for anyone to communicate with the person behind the call and with their employer. The Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-M-EU combines Cisco's acclaimed engineering quality as well as beautiful design.

Product Advantages

The main advantage of the product: MultiBase Station

Other Product Benefits:

·        Mono sound quality

·        Use two handset

·        Designed for IP phones Cisco DX70, DX70 - MSRP, DX80, DX80 (No Radio) Cisco IP Phone 6841, 6851, 7821, 7841, 7861, 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865, 8865NR Cisco Webex Board 55, Board 55 MSRP, Board 55S (GPL), Board 70S, Board 85, Board 85 GPL, Board 85 MSRP, Codec Pro, Codec Pro - No Radio, Room 55 Dual, Room 55 Dual (no-radio) and etc.

·        Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-M-EU uses one handset

·        90 Impedance

·        Frequency response at 50 to 8000 Hz

·        Having a base station

·        Response up to 100 m

·        Charging up to 10 hours in a row

·        Automatic standby mode after 60 hours

·        Support for Noise-cancellation (NC) and Active noise-cancellation (ANC)

Other characteristics

Cisco Company has a one-year warranty for the Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-M-EU. You can easily order this product by visiting the Shouki Electronics website and get it from one of the best companies in the Middle East instead of buying it from the US and face distant problems. The company is one of the most reputable companies in the field of supplying Cisco equipment and has a background of working with Cisco to import its products to Middle East. Shouki’s website is available for you to order in any time you wish. Just check it to have a good purchase.

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