Cisco 561 wireless single earpiece Headset with Standard Base Station
Cisco 561 wireless single earpiece Headset with Standard Base Station

Headsets Item Code: CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU=

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Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= Description

The Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= Headset send vibrant sound for open workspaces. Users can experience excellent noise cancellation with rich sound output, exceptional comfort on ears, and proven consistency. The CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= bids a lightweight form factor that offer much ease to work with. The design is perfect fit for a telecaller or a person who spent much time answering and making calls or require consistent listening to voice notes.

Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= Features

  • Extremely light weight for extended wear
  •  Great audio output for Music and handsfree for IPPhones.
  • Powerful noise isolation
  • Unidirectional microphones
  • Intuitive configuration experience when used with Cisco IP phones and Cisco Jabber
  • Designed for IP phones Cisco DX70, DX70 - MSRP, DX80, DX80 (No Radio) Cisco IP Phone 6841, 6851, 7821, 7841, 7861, 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865, 8865NR Cisco Webex Board 55, Board 55 MSRP, Board 55S (GPL), Board 70S, Board 85, Board 85 GPL, Board 85 MSRP, Codec
  • Verified reliability and integrations for Cisco IP phones, Cisco DX Series endpoints, and Cisco soft clients
  • Product Advantages
  • Integrated serviceability
  • The Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= can be centrally managed if deployed with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco WebEx Control Hub, and Cisco devices.

Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU=

Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= Characteristics

Quality audio and noise isolation
The microphone works with wide bandwidth sound, with little signal noise and low distortion. The  CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= also comprises of high-quality electret capsule and unique housing design.
 The capsule’s orientation in the microphone housing creates a short acoustic path, which provides maximum best voice reception and well-adjusted noise reduction. The augmented microphone capsule and housing create a clean and natural sound with reduced background noise so the user’s voice can be clearly heard.
Lightweight and ergonomic design
Built with comfort in mind, these headsets are designed to be delightful to wear for extended periods of time and to reduce head fatigue. They feature quality materials, including multiaxial ear cups.
Advanced ear cup design
Ear cups of Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU= feature efficient audio transducers and integrations.
Voice diagnostics
The microphone can perform self-test to remove  the guesswork associated with tuning microphones audio quality. One can record the audio for playing back and adjust the quality.
Audio shaping
This feature enables users to get the best phonic experience by shaping the inbound audio.

Other characteristics

Cisco Company has a one-year warranty for the Cisco CP-HS-WL-561-S-EU. You can easily order this product by visiting the Shouki Electronics website and get it from one of the best companies in the Middle East instead of buying it from the US and face distant problems. The company is one of the most reputable companies in the field of supplying Cisco equipment and has a background of working with Cisco to import its products to Middle East. Shouki’s website is available for you to order in any time you wish. Just check it to have a good purchase.

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