Cisco IP 6800 Key Expansion Module for 6851
Cisco IP 6800 Key Expansion Module for 6851

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Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC Description

The Cisco IP phones are cost effective and highly reliable VoIP terminals with sleek design. The 6800 ip phones are the most cost-effective phones which comes with all the features that cisco offer. Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC is the expansion module designed for Cisco CP-6851-3PCC= ipphone. The expansion module offers 14 physical programmable keys each button can be programmed for 2 operation and accessed using the page settings. The buttons doesn’t offer the SIP registration but can be programmable as BLF, call pick up , speed dial options.

Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC Characteristics

The 6800 series IP phones are the base models from CP series. the cp-6851-3PCC is the only Ipphone in the series that support an expansion module. the module can draw power from the IP phone when it is connects with the cisco Poe+ switch for powering option. The Module uses Wired RJ11 connect with the cp-6851-3PCC .Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC= comes with a stand and also preconfigured color coding for the programmable keys.

Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC

Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC= Advantages

  • Graphical display: Two 3.5-in (9-cm) grayscale backlit LCD displays, 160 x 270 resolution
  • Directory number and feature buttons: The module has 14 physical buttons (28 using page keys)
  • Page buttons: Use the 2-page buttons to access each page of 14 buttons and provide phone status
  • Power save mode: When the Cisco IP Phone 6851 is placed in power save mode, Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC=is also placed in power save mode.
  • Pressing the select button while the phone and KEM are in power save mode will restart both the phone and the KEM

Other characteristics of Product

From among potentials considered by Cisco Company for IP-Phone Cisco CP-68KEM-3PCC reference can be made to its support of remote configuration. Also, a one-year guarantee is provided by Cisco after delivery of the product, including especial items such as hardware problems. The product can be bought from Shouki Electronics, a reliable brand in terms of IP-Phone sales in Dubai and the Middle East.

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