Cisco IP Phone 7861 POE, PC Port, 16 Line SIP with Multiplatform Phone firmware
Cisco IP Phone 7861 POE, PC Port, 16 Line SIP with Multiplatform Phone firmware

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Cisco CP-7861-3PCC-K9 IP-Phone by Shouki

Product Description

Cisco CP-7861-3PCC-K9 IP-Phone from Series 7800 is manufactured by famous Cisco Company located in San Francisco (USA), with long history of producing different network-related products. If intended to use high quality internet voice call equipment, you can trust this phone.

Product Characteristics

Cisco CP-7861-3PCC-K9 IP-Phone is one of the newest products from series 7800 of VoIP manufactured by Cisco Company; and, effort has been made for the product to contain more characteristics compared to its peer group. Most of characteristics are similar between this and previous phones in this series; however, beautiful design and other capabilities in terms of network connections has caused the phone to become popular among those people looking for high quality.
Cisco CP-7861-3PCC-K9

Cisco CP-7861-3PCC-K9 Product Advantages

Main advantage of this product is supporting different protocols.
Other advantages of the product are as followings:
·       16 IP Telephony lines;
·       162x396px display;
·       Capability of conference call;
·       Two 10/100 Ethernet switches;
·       Having speaker phone;
·       Music adjustment for hold;
·       Supporting 20 live languages in the world;
·       Supporting two SRTP and SIP protocols;
·       Supporting PoE IEEE 802.3af, class 1;
·       Dark gray color;
·       High voice bandwidth;
·       Specific buttons for conference call, sending message, and etc.;
·       1053 gram of weight.

Other characteristics and capabilities of Cisco CP-7861-3PCC-K9 IP-Phone

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Product Details
Audio Codec G.711a-law and mu-law, G.722, G.729a, Internet Low Bitrate Codec (iLBC), and Internet Speech Audio Codec (iSAC)
Touch Screen No
Integral switch(speed) 10/100
Soft Keys 4
External Power Cisco IP Phone Power Cube 4
Support Third Party XML yes
Wall Mountable yes
USB Ports No
Expansion Modules No
Signaling Protocol SIP
No of Lines 16
Headset Connect RJ9
Physical dimensions 207 x 265 x 28mm
WiFi No
HD Video Support No
Display Spec 396 x 162 pixel (3.5 in. / 89 mm)
Bluetooth No
Integration with Smart Phone No
Encryption UDP,TCP,TLS
Cisco Intelligent Proximity No
PoE Class Class 1
Voice Prompts 20 Languages
PoE Yes supporting
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