Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line with Color Display, PoE, 802.11g,WiFi

Item Code: SPA525G2

5-Line Business IP Phone with Enhanced Connectivity and Media for a New Level of User Experience
The Cisco SPA525G2 5- SIP Line IP Phone with Color Display is an excellent choice for businesses that require an enhanced user experience with a hosted IP pbx service, an IP private branch exchange (IP PBX), or a large-scale IP Centrex deployment. Part of the Cisco IP Phone Series, the SPA525G2 uses industry-leading SPA voice over IP (VoIP) technology from Cisco, with very high-quality hardware providing additional connectivity via Bluetooth, PoE , or a Wireless client (802.11g).
●   Bluetooth enhanced integration with mobile phones to make and receive calls, import your personal contacts, and charge your mobile phone
●   Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client: Highly secure Internet phone connection for remote users that is simple and easy to set up
●   Monitor View for monitoring up to four video surveillance cameras from your IP Phone
●   SPA525G2 Support for both Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)