Catalyst 2960-X FlexStack Plus Stacking Module optional

Catalyst 2960-X FlexStack Plus Stacking Module optional

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2960X-STACK Cisco Stack by Shouki Company

2960X-STACK is here in shouki website with all its specifications. Dubai Partner of Cisco Shouki Company supplies Stack 2960X-STACK. A switch stack is a set of up to eight stacking-capable switches connected through their stack ports. You can connect only one switch type in a stack, or you can connect a mix of Catalyst 2960-X and Catalyst 2960-S switches in the stack. The stack can have one of these configurations:
  • Homogeneous stack—A Catalyst 2960-X stack with only Catalyst 2960-X switches as stack members. A homo genius stack can have up to 8 stack members.
  • Mixed stack—A stack with a mix of Catalyst 2960-X and Catalyst 2960-S switches. A mixed stack can have up to 4 stack members, with either a Catalyst 2960-X or Catalyst 2960-S switch as the stack master.
The stack master controls the operation of the switch stack, and is the single point of stack-wide management. From the stack master, you configure:
  • System-level (global) features that apply to all stack members
Interface-level features for each stack member
The stack master contains the saved and running configuration files for the switch stack. The configuration files include the system-level settings for the switch stack and the interface-level settings for each stack member. Each stack member has a current copy of these files for back-up purposes.

General specification of 2960X-stack



Encryption Features

If the stack master is running the cryptographic universal software image (supports encryption), the encryption features are available on the Stack 2960X-STACK.

Flex Stack-Plus

The stack members use the Cisco Flex Stack-Plus technology to work together as a unified system. Layer 2 protocols support the entire switch stack as a single entity in the network.
The Flex Stack-Plus bandwidth for a single stack port is 20 Gbps. With Flex Stack-Plus technology, up to eight members can be joined into a single stack. In a mixed stack of Catalyst 2960-X and Catalyst 2960-S switches, Flex Stack-Plus reverts to Flex Stack capabilities of 10 Gbps stack port bandwidth and a maximum of four members per stack, you can see those features in Stack 2960X-stack.


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