Cisco SF350-24MP 24-port 10/100 Max PoE Managed Switch
Cisco SF350-24MP 24-port 10/100 Max PoE Managed Switch

SMB-Managed POE Switches Item Code: SF350-24MP-K9

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CISCO SF350-24mp-K9. Shouki Electronics

Here is the new CISCO SF350-24MP-K9. Shouki Electronics as Cisco Wholesaler delivers Manage Switch SF350 24 you may need in your business. You can easily place your order in the Middle east and deliver it as soon as possible. CISCO SF350 24mp is a portfolio of affordable managed switches that enables the best solution for business network used broadly for SME’s.
Today and in the future, CISCO SF350-24MP-K9 provide the most reliable foundation for business applications with support for Layer 2 and 3 features, routing, advanced security, and energy-saving technology.
cisco SF350-24-K9

Product Characteristics of Manage Switch SF350 24mp  

SF350-24MP-K9 switches can simply and securely connect employees working in small offices with each other and with all of the servers, printers, and other devices they use. The Manage Switch SF350-24MP-K9 are the perfect foundation to add business-grade wireless to a business network simply with its advanced and wonderful security features, PoE, Auto Smart ports, Quality of Services, access control features and VLAN.
SF350 24MP propose more ports per Gigabit Ethernet switch. It is Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) standard

Advantages of Manage Switch SF350-24MP-K9

  • Embedded SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protects management data traveling to and from the switch.
  • To keep out unauthorized users and guard against network attacks Extensive Access Control Lists (ACLs) restrict sensitive portions of the network.
  • Guest VLANs let you provide Internet connectivity to nonemployee users while isolating critical business services from guest traffic.
  • You can isolate critical business services from guest traffic by Guest VLANs.
  • detecting and block deliberate network attacks by Advanced defense mechanisms, including dynamic Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) inspection, IP Source Guard, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping.
  • It is equipped with a smart port intelligence automatically
  • It discovers any CISCO devices anywhere at anytime
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is available for this model
  • It also supports Text view and CLI option

More details and comparison:

For more details you can go to the CISCO official website. You can also compare CISCO SF350-24-K9
with 2 related items: Manage Switch SF352-08-K9  and SG350-52-K9

How to purchase CISCO SF350 24MP

All Manage Switch SF350-24MP-K9 and thousands of newest models are available in CISCO Partner in Dubai, UAE. You can also place your order from our partner in Middle east like, Pakistan, Nigeria or Sharjah.
Product Details
Combo Ports (RJ‑45 + SFP) 24+2
Unit Dimensions 440 x 44 x 257 mm
Number of Ports That Support PoE 24
Forwarding performance 12.8
Active VLANs 4096
Enclosure rack Mount
Switching Layer 3 ,2
USB port 1
Supported SFP modules MGBSX1 ,MGBLH1 ,MGBT1
Switching capacity 9.2
Power Budget 62 /128 / 195 /382 W
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