SG250X-24P 24-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 10G Uplinks
SG250X-24P 24-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 10G Uplinks

SMB-Managed POE Switches Item Code: SG250X-24P-K9

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Cisco SG250X-24P-K9 By Shouki In UAE

For businesses requiring high performance, advanced security, and rich manageability from the network, fully managed switches are an excellent choice. However, they also typically come with high price tags. SG250X-24P-K9 provides the right level of network features and capabilities for growing businesses. Besides it’s at a reasonable price. So after you buy SG250X-24P-K9, you’ll have more dollars to put toward other areas of your business.

Smart switch SG250X-24P-K9 has 2types of ports including:

- 24-port Gigabit with Power over Ethernet.
- 4-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet that provides seamless networking.
SG250X-24P-K9 is available with 24 x PoE, PoE+, 60W PoE and 382W port budget.
After you buy Cisco SG250X-24P-K9, you gain the benefits of:
-Cisco limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment.
-Rigorous testing to help ensure easy integration and compatibility with other Cisco networking and communications products, including the complete Cisco Small Business portfolio.
Security features of SG250X 24P includes Access Control List, 802.1X / RADIUS, SSH/SSL.
You can buy SG250X-24P-K9 at a reasonable price. And even keeping it is cheap. SG250X 24P

 is an energy efficient product which will decrease your power bills. The features in Cisco smart switches that helps doing so are:

-Support for the Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) standard, which reduces energy consumption by monitoring the amount of traffic on an active link. And afterwards put the link into a sleep state during quiet periods.
-Automatic power shutoff on ports when a link is down.
-Embedded intelligence to adjust power based on cable length.
-Ability to turn off LEDs to conserve power
This switches dimensions are 440 x 44 x 257 mm (10.12 x 17.32 x 1.75 inches) with 3.86 kg (8.51 lb.) weight.

Language options:

This series of switches are available in multiple languages. Product documentation and user interfaces are translated, giving you the ability to select your preferred language. Then you can buy SG250X-24P-K9 with peace of mind as you can manage it easily in your preferred language.

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