Cisco SG350-8PMD 8-Port 2.5G PoE Stackable Managed Switch
Cisco SG350-8PMD 8-Port 2.5G PoE Stackable Managed Switch

SMB-Managed POE Switches Item Code: SG350X-8PMD-K9

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SG350X-8PMD-K9 By Shouki In Dubai

Growth is never a bad thing. But as you gain new customers and a higher profile, you need a business technology platform capable of delivering a higher level of service and reliability. With more users, you gain more devices and applications, and more exposure to security threats. With this in mind, a switching platform designed for a smaller operation simply cannot meet your growing needs. It’s time for a network that will support your business as you take it to the next level. SG350X-8PMD-K9، Buy Cisco SG350X-8PMD-K9، 2.5G POE Switch
Cisco 2.5G POE switch provides the advanced feature set, reliability, and investment protection your business needs, today and in the future.

 High-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet

SG350X-8PMD-K9 switches break the barrier of 10 Gigabit Ethernet adoption by providing affordable and powerful features for growing small and medium-sized business networks. With the 10G ports in both copper and fiber, you can easily and cost-effectively enable 10.G connections to servers and network storage devices with standard RJ-45 Ethernet cables. You can also aggregate 10G Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP+) fiber connections to build a high-performance backbone to dramatically increase the overall speed of your network.

Simplified IT operation

SG350X-8PMD-K9 switches help optimize your IT operations with built-in features that simplify and streamline day-to-day network operation:
-True stacking allows you to troubleshoot, configure, and manage multiple physical switches as a single entity.
-Cisco switches use common chipsets and software across all switching portfolios, so all Cisco switches within a category support the same feature set, making it easier to manage and support all switches across the network.

SG350X 8PMD have 2kind of ports.

-8x 2.5G Network ports
-2x 10G copper/SFP+ combo Uplink ports

Buy Cisco SG350X-8PMD-K9

So stop hesitating and buy SG350X-8PMD-K9 right now. Its new generation Cisco 2.5G POE Switch that provides high reliability and resiliency. You can buy SG350X-8PMD-K9 from shops all over the world. You can also purchase it through online shops. The price isn’t high so it’s the best option for small and growing businesses.

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