Cisco ATA 192 2-port analog telephone adapter with router for multiplatform

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Cisco ATA192-3PW-K9 Multiplatform Analog Adapter by Shouki

The Cisco ATA192-3PW-K9 is an intelligent low-density VoIP gateway from Cisco that enables carrier-class commercial and business IP Telephony facilities delivered over broadband or high-speed Internet network. Cisco ATA192-3PW-K9 uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) open standard so there is little or no contribution from a server or media gateway controller. SIP allows inter-operation with all ITSPs that support SIP. Cisco ATA192 has an additional Ethernet port as compared to ATA 191. It works with an on-site call-control system or an Internet-based call-control system. And connects to the Internet through a broadband (DSL or cable) modem or router.

Advantages of ATA192-3PW-K9

  • Cisco ATA192-3PW-K9 offers high performance echo cancellation also the Voice Quality Features Silence Suppression, Comfort Noise Generation and Adaptive Jitter Buffer
  • ATA 192 offer Port forwarding, DMZ configuration in the Network settings for special-purpose service that require local device exposed to the Internet and VPN passthrough for IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP protocols.
  • Cisco ATA192-3PW-K9 offer Problem reporting (PRT): Report generation and event logging for improved serviceability
  • Real-time fax over IP via T.38 fax relay. Fax pass-through via G.711

Cisco ATA192-3PW-K9 Dubai

Cisco ATA192-3PW-K9 Dubai

The Cisco ATA192 Multi-Platform Analog Telephone Adapter is covered by a Cisco 1-year limited hardware warranty.
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Product Details
Ports two standard FXS ports, for two Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) registrations,Two 100BASE-T ports with an integrated high-performance router to extend local network connectivity.
Weight 132.1 g
Dimensions (H×W×D) 100 × 100 × 28 mm
Audio Codec G.711 a-law, G.711 μ-law, G.729a, G.729ab, G.726
Power 5V DC at 2.0A maximum
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