Cisco IP Key Expansion Module for 8865 multiplatform phones

Cisco IP Key Expansion Module for 8865 multiplatform phones

Item Code: WEB-ITM-0238

Cisco CP-8800-V-KEM Expansion Module for 8865

Cisco CP-8800-V-KEM is used to facilitate more programmable keys to any cisco IP phone in 8800 Series. V-KEM deliver a large LCD display with 14 physical keys . 28 functions can be programmed using the page keys. The keys are preprogrammed with color codes for a seamless performance.

Cisco CP-8800-V-KEM Features

  • The model offers  3.5-inch graphical (TFT) color display with 16-bit color depth and 480 x 272 pixel resolution, with backlight
  • The display supports localization requiring double-byte Unicode encoding for fonts.
  • the key expansion module articulates the angular design of CP-8865-3PCC and 8865NR
  • The CP-BEKEM-3PCC Key Expansion Module comes with a foot stand and all necessary hardware to connect it and power the module from the phone
  • The module adapts to the power setting of the IP phone it is connected to. Example :CP-8861-3PCC in power saving mode will also put the BEKEM in power saving mode until the phone is awake.
Cisco 8800 IP phoneCisco CP-BEKEM-3PCCPower Source
CP-8851-3PCC1802.3at/af PoE, Cube 4
CP-8851-3PCC2Cisco IP Phone Power Cube 4
CP-8861-3PCC1 ,2 , 3802.3at PoE, Cube 4
CP-8865-3PCC1 , 2 , 3802.3at PoE, Cube 4

Cisco CP-8800-V-KEM Dubai

From among potentials considered by Cisco Company for IP-Phone Cisco Cisco CP-8800-V-KEM reference can be made to its support of remote configuration. Also, a one-year guarantee is provided by Cisco after delivery of the product, including especial items such as hardware problems. The product can be bought from Shouki Electronics, a reliable brand in terms of IP-Phone sales in Dubai and the Middle East
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