Cisco IP DECT Phone 6825 Color Disply , Standard Handset, Battery, Cradle, No Power Adapter with Multiplatform Firmware
Cisco IP DECT Phone 6825 Color Disply , Standard Handset, Battery, Cradle, No Power Adapter with Multiplatform Firmware

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Cisco CP-6825-3PC-K9= Description

The dect phone is perfect solution for cresting a wireless based IP solution. dect can be daisy connect to create a larger network enabling the handset to be connected to SIP proxy if it is staying in the network created by the dect. The Cisco CP-6825-3PC-BUN is the combination of 1 Dect and 1 handset , is perfect solution to deploy where the mobility of users is high but still is within the premise. This device is perfect fit for build as you grow scenario and can always have the window to add more devices be it handset or dect as per the requirement. Cisco CP-6825-3PC-K9 works with the dect base DBS-210-3PC-CE-K9.

Handset Characteristics

  • Ergonomic design with easy to use interface for management.
  • The handset are HAC and meet FCC loudness requirements for ADA
  • The handset feature full duplex speaker
  • Supports up to 20 languages
  • Codecs supported in the Cisco CP-6825-3PC-K9 include G.711 (A-law and mu-law), G.722.2, G.726, G.729 (a and ab)
  • TLS /TCP/UDP transport layer protocol is supported
  • One base station can support 30 SIP registration
  • Each handset is programmed to the one of the frequency ranges above when registering a Base station for the first time.

Cisco CP-6825-3PC-K9 Advantages

The small handheld wireless unit comes with extremely effective battery back up and a charging dect. The handset has 2 inch 240 x 320 Pixel display. The CP-6825-3PC-K9 features 28 Keys. the battery can be charged in 6 hours and gives up to 17 hours of talking time. CP-6825-3PC-K9 is a 2-line phone allowing for 2 sip registries at the same time.
CP-6825-3PC-K9 offer HD audio speakerphone G726 codec for narrow band audio G722 codec for HD audio
Cisco P-6825-3PC-BUN


Other characteristics of Cisco CP-6825-3PC-K9

Cisco CP-6825-3PC-K9 is available to purchase as bundle along with DBS-210-3PC-CE-K9 or individually.From among potentials considered by Cisco Company for IP-Phone Cisco CP-6825-3PC-K9 reference can be made to its support of remote configuration. Also, a one year guarantee is provided by Cisco after delivery of the product, including especial items such as hardware problems. The product can be bought from Shouki Electronics, a reliable brand in terms of IP-Phone sales in Dubai and the Middle East.

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