Cisco Catalyst 9120AP professional installations , 2.5 Gbps mGig, Wi-Fi 6 Access Point with embedded wireless controller,
Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on C9120AX Access Point

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C9120AXP-E By Shouki In UAE

Cisco C9120AXP-E Access Point, internal antennas; Wi-Fi 6; 4x4:4 MIMO, E Domain

The Cisco C9120AXP-E Access Points are the next generation of enterprise access points. They are resilient, secure, and intelligent. Cisco Wi-Fi 6
The Cisco new Access Points deliver several features of Wi-Fi 6 while offering high data rates. Cisco wifi 6 devices have 6 Key features:
-Four radios: 5 GHz (4x4) flexible radio with 2.4 or 5 GHz (4x4), unified RF engine and 802.15.4 for IoT 01
-Multigigabit support
-Internal or external antenna and also external antenna for professional installations
-Available with optional embedded wireless controller
-IoT ready (BLE, Zigbee, and other multiprotocol 802.15.4 devices): future support

Cisco wifi 6 (802.11ax) offers bellow benefits.

The IEEE 802.11ax emerging standard, also known as High-Efficiency Wireless (HEW) or Wi-Fi 6, builds on 802.11ac. It delivers a better experience in typical environments and more predictable performance for advanced applications such as 4K or 8K videos. It’s also useful for high-density, high-definition collaboration apps, all-wireless offices, and IoT. Cisco wifi 6; C9120AXP-E is designed to use both the 2.4-Ghz and 5-GHz bands, unlike the 802.11ac standard.

Aesthetically redesigned for next-generation enterprise

Cisco has built C9120AXP-E Access Points from the ground up, with a new aerodynamic look and smooth finish. They also have added integrating RF excellence and next generation technologies to provide a best-in-class wireless experience without compromise. While packing several high-performance features, they have redesigned hardware to deliver higher efficiencies in a more compact form factor. as a result, it makes visually appealing Wi-Fi deployments commonplace.

Smart Antenna Connector          

-Compact multi RF connector with DART interface
-It requires the AIR-CAB002-DART-R= 2 ft smart antenna connector when used with antennas with RP-TNC connector.
-When running the flexible radio as either a second 5-GHz serving radio or a Wireless Security Monitoring radio its necessary.

C9120AXP-E Software

-Cisco Unified Wireless Network Software Release 8.9.x or later
-Cisco IOS XE Software Release 16.11 with AP Device Pack, or later
C9120AXP-E dimensions
Access point (without mounting brackets): 8.5 x 8.05x 2.0 (21.6 x 21.6 x 5.1 cm)”
Cisco C9120AXP-E also weighs 3 lb (1.36 kg).

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