Engenius 11ac/ Dual Band  AP (AP/WDS), 2Tx+2Rx: 400+866Mbps, Tx Power 23dBm @ 2.4GHz, 23dBm @ 5GHz, 4 x Integrate Antennas,
Engenius 11ac/ Dual Band AP (AP/WDS), 2Tx+2Rx: 400+866Mbps, Tx Power 23dBm @ 2.4GHz, 23dBm @ 5GHz, 4 x Integrate Antennas,

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EAP1300 EnGenius Indoor Wireless Access Point by Shouki Company

EAP1300 is here in shouki website with all its specifications. Dubai distributor of Shouki Company supplies EnGenius EAP1300. It is Indoor Wireless Access Point. The AP is a great performance, evenly coverage and long-range Dual-Band Wireless 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n indoor Access Point with speeds up to 400 Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867Mbps on 5GHz band. It can be configuring as an: Access Point, WDS (AP, Bridge).
The AP is designed to operate in a variety of indoor environments for EAP1300. Its high-powered, long-range characteristics make it a cost-effective alternative to ordinary Access Points that don’t have the range and reach to connect to a growing number of wireless users who wish to connect to a business network. The AP supports the 2.4GHz frequency band under 802.11 b/g/n mode while at the same time providing 5GHz band under 802.11 ac/a/n mode for communicating to and from 5GHz capable computers, tablets or smart phones or transferring files.
 Several APs can be deployed in a campus setting using the 5GHz band as a backhaul to provide multiple 2.4GHz wireless cells for computers or mobile devices in common indoor areas. The AP is easy to install in virtually any location with optional PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector for quick indoor installation. The AP enables network administrators to control it transmit power and feature settings for selecting narrow bandwidth and traffic shaping. The AP also supports wireless encryption including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) Encryption, and IEEE 802.1x with RADIUS.

Benefits of EAP1300

System Requirements
 The following are the Minimum System Requirements in order to configure the device:
Ÿ Computer with an Ethernet interface or wireless network capability
Ÿ Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8), or Mac OS, Linux-based operating systems
Ÿ Web-Browsing Application (i.e., Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or another similar browser application) specially for EAP1300

Package Contents
 The package contains the following items (all items must be in package to issue a refund):
Ÿ EAP Access Point
Ÿ Mounting Bracket
Ÿ Bracket Screw specially for EAP1300
Ÿ Quick Installation Guide
Ÿ 2 detachable 4 dBi 2.4 GHz Omni-directional Antennas (EAP1300EXT only)
Ÿ 2 detachable 5 dBi 5 GHz Omni-directional Antennas (EAP1300EXT only)

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How to order EAP1300

All EAP1300 and other related items are ready in EnGenius Partner in Dubai. If you are in Middle east countries or cities like Ajman, Sharjah and Mauritius please feel free to contact us.

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