ZYCOO SIP Paging and Intercom System
ZYCOO SIP Paging and Intercom System

IP Audio Item Code: MX500

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PA System- Zycoo MX500 VoIP Solution

MX500 is the asterisk based IP Public announcement system from Zycoo, this PA system is an intelligent IP public address and intercom server based on open SIP standards. By utilizing IP networks, the MX500 provides a flexible solution that can address many application requirements across various industries and areas. Features such as
scheduled zone PA, live announcements, emergency alert, emergency calling, emergency intercom and dual-channel HD background music
are all available within the server when combined with the SIP paging gateways.
Zycoo PA System-MX500-UAE

Advantages of Zycoo MX500

Zycoo MX500 offer multicast technology guaranteeing the HD stereophonic effect of background music.
LIVE AND SCHEDULED announcements can be made directly from an IP phone or SIP microphone to specific PA zones. Through the Voip PA system
dispatcher's console, you may also click to make a live announcement.
In cases where for example fire or intruders trespassing are detected by sensors from the paging gateway GPIO,
emergency alerts can be auto-triggered by MX500 to specific PA zones for public safety and security purpose
MX500 has the ability to auto discover and auto provision
the paging gateways in the same LAN. Provisioning can be undertaken according to different usage configurations
(paging or intercom purpose) of the paging gateways.
Graphical endpoints status display, Real-time Endpoints' Status, Offline Notification
MX500 have auto Provisioned enabled for Zycoo end points like H83 and H81 IP phone, X30 and X20 I-speakers.


VoIP PA system MX500 - UAE distributor

Zycoo maintain distribution center with presales and post sales services in UAE. Zycoo Offer product line from PBX, call center solution , End Points, PA system, the focus being all the product line work with VoIP and are most cost effective yet efficient service is delivered. Shouki Electronics LLC Dubai is the reselling partner. in UAE and offer ready stock for all the IP pbx Dubai other IP telephony services endpoints and IPPBX solutions in Dubai from Zycoo.
Product Details
IVR Levels Unlimited
VLAN WAN & LAN Interface
Endpoints 500 Registers (including paging gateways and IP phones
Capacity 200 Endpoints' Background Music in same LAN
Network (WAN) Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE
Conference attendees 100
recording 7500 hrs
Audio Codecs G.722, G.711(a-law, u-law)
Virtual IP Yes
SIP Proxy (NAT Traversal) Yes
GUI User admin, dispatcher
Transport Protocols UDP, TCP
IP Phone Auto Provisioning Yes
Intrusion auto detection and prevention Yes
Multilingual Web UI Yes
Local Domain Name Services Yes
Network Protocols IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, DHCP, PPPoE, NTP, SNTP, TFTP, SSH, HTTPS, LDAP
Static Routing DHCP (Server and Client)
Firewall based on iptables Yes
Multilingual Voice Prompts Yes
VPN PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP (Server and Client)
Operator user Extensions, faxes, CDR, recordings, etc.
Endpoint registeries 500
Quick Installation Guide Yes
LDAP Phonebook Auto Configure Only for Zycoo endpoints
Video Codecs VP8, H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.261
Protocols SIP(RFC3261), IAX2
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