Catalyst 2960-XR 24 GigE PoE 370W, 2 x 10G SFP+, IP Lite
Catalyst 2960-XR 24 GigE PoE 370W, 2 x 10G SFP+, IP Lite

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WS-C2960XR-24PD-I By Shouki In Dubai

Are you thinking about getting a new switch for your dormitory? Something that would provide fixed-configuration, stack able Gigabit Ethernet. On the other hand, its necessary to provide enterprise-class access for campus and branch applications. Cisco has offered just what you need; Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I.

Flex Stack- Extended:

This technology enables a long- distance out- of- the wiring- closet stack option (floor to floor). It also allows back- panel stacking of up to eight Cisco Catalyst 2960-X or 2960-XR Series Switches. With a back- panel stacking slot you are able to add Flex Stack- Extended to Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I Switch. Cisco IOS 15.2(6)E or later supports Flex Stack- Extended and is available in two module configurations: a fiber module and a hybrid module.

Flexible Net Flow:

It is the next generation in flow visibility technology. Thus it allows optimization of the network infrastructure, reducing operation costs, and improving capacity planning and security incident detection with increased flexibility and scalability. The Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I Switches are capable of up to 8000 flow entries in hardware.
Full (Flexible) Net Flow is included on Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I and requires a Cisco ONE™ Foundation license per switch or a Cisco DNA Essentials license per switch.

Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I Ports

This switch supports 24 ports over Ethernet while 2 of them are for S. P. F+. Also its Cisco IOS Software image feature is LAN Base.

Network Management

The Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I Switches offer a superior C. L. I for detailed configuration and administration. The switches are also supported by the full range of Cisco network management solutions.
-Cisco DNA Center on the WS-C2960XR-24PD-I provides a simple web user interface to enterprise network customers for day- zero plug and play. It also enterprises users to switch discovery and management, topology visualization, and software image management.
-Cisco Network Plug and Play is supported using the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Enterprise Module (A. P. I. C-EM) and Cisco DNA Center on Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I Switches. This provides a simple, secure, unified, and integrated offering for enterprise network customers. It is to ease new branch or campus device roll outs or for provisioning updates to an existing network with a near zero- touch deployment experience.

WS-C2960XR-24PD-I Physical dimensions and weight:

Dimensions: 4.5 x 36.8 x 44.5 cm
Weight: 5.7 kg

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