ZYCOO CooVoox U20 2FXO 30 Extension ,8GB IP PBX SYSTEM
ZYCOO CooVoox U20 2FXO 30 Extension ,8GB IP PBX SYSTEM

UC-IP-PBX Item Code: U20-V3-A202

AED 1,250.00 AED (AED 1,250.00 / Unit)
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 IP Telephony-Zycoo CooVox U20 IPPBX Dubai

CooVox-U20 office IPPBX is a modish, compact yet full-featured mini IP Telephony system designed by Zycoo for small and micro firms/SOHOs. Zycoo offer different IPPBX as U20,U50,U60,U100 for varied incoming and extension requirement in office telephony solution. The features and capacity of Zycoo CooVox u20 suits companies under 30 employees and come by all the necessary functionality to fulfill their daily telephony needs. CooVox-U20 comes equipped with 2 analog ports and optionally a GSM interface, allowing companies the option to deliver inbound/outbound phone calls over PSTN/GSM/SIP Trunk/IMS. With the U20, it is possible to deploy up to 2 EX16S expansion boxes for up to 32 analog phone deployment. This low-cost IPPBX packs rich feature set that can rival the most expensive of Enterprise solutions in today’s marketplace.   The CooVox series is a one time investment without any license involved in course of time.



Advantages of IP telephony system with CooVox U20

  1. The IPPBX system is accessible and manageable vis user-friendly and self-explanatory Graphical Interface.
  2. CooVox series support auto provision and quick integration with most of the End points from the leading manufactures like Zycoo, Cisco, Poly , Grandstream, Fanvil etc.
  3.  The Webrtc integration pave the access to the ip telephony and voice from the web login and doesn’t require a hardware end point.
  4. The Zycoo Office IPPBX provide access to inhouse proxy services for remote connectivity between VoIP devices, or end points or mobile applications.
  5. Zycoo billing is a licensed provision which is one of the addon feature in the Zycoo IPPBX with a free trial period. There is separate login provisioned for this service and more customizable billing depending extension wise, pre and postpaid facility flexible managing provisions.
  6. Zycoo CooVox u20 offer all the below IP telephony features: Call Queue ,Ring Group ,Call Forward ,Call Transfer ,Call Pickup ,Call Parking ,Call Waiting ,Speed Dial , IVR (Multi-layer),Caller ID ,Call Spy ,Video Call ,3-way Calling ,Conference Call ,Follow Me ,Call Back ,Time Conditions ,Paging & Intercom ,One Number Stations ,Music On Ring back ,Distinctive Ringtone ,Auto Call Recording ,,One Touch Recording, ,Call Detailed Records (CDR),DISA ,Smart DID ,Blacklist ,Voicemail ,Wakeup Call ,PIN Code, Do Not Disturb ,Switch Call


Modules Supported : 1GSM.

Billing Addon : CooBill-U20

Proxy : U20-P-1


Zycoo IP telephony Distribution in UAE

Zycoo maintain distribution center with presales and post sales services in UAE. Shouki Electronics LLC is the reselling partner in UAE and offer ready stock for for all the IPPBX Dubai.

And other IP telephony Dubai from Zycoo.

Product Details
IVR Levels Unlimited
VLAN WAN & LAN Interface
CDR History 500000
Fax to Email Yes
Network (WAN) Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE
Phonebook Contacts 10000
Audio Codecs Opus, G.722, G.711(a-law, u-law), G.729, G.726, GSM, SPEEX, AMR, AMR-WB
Virtual IP Yes
SIP Proxy (NAT Traversal) Yes
Admin user All Privileges
Extension user WebRTC, recordings, voicemails, call logs, etc.
Transport Protocols UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTP
Conference Attendees 15
IP Phone Auto Provisioning Yes
IP Black/White List Yes
Intrusion auto detection and prevention Yes
Voicemail to Email Yes
Recording/Voicemail (Internal Storage) 150hrs
Softphone APP Auto Provisioning (QR Code Scan) Yes
Multilingual Web UI Yes
Local Domain Name Services Yes
Network Protocols IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, DHCP, PPPoE, NTP, SNTP, TFTP, SSH, HTTPS, LDAP
Static Routing DHCP (Server and Client)
Firewall based on iptables Yes
Multilingual Voice Prompts Yes
VPN PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP (Server and Client)
Operator user Extensions, faxes, CDR, recordings, etc.
Paging Members 15
Conference manager Yes
Extension Permit IP Yes
Extension 32 Extensions
Geo-IP (Security policy based on IP address geographical location) Yes
Quick Installation Guide Yes
LDAP Phonebook Auto Configure Only for Zycoo IP Phones
SIP/IMS Trunks 20
Billing user Billing Addon
EX16S Deployment 2
Video Codecs VP8, H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.261
Simultaneous Calls 15
Protocols SIP(RFC3261), IAX2
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