ZYCOO 4FXO module with 4 FXO interface (U50/100)

ZYCOO 4FXO module with 4 FXO interface (U50/100)

Item Code: WEB-ITM-0098

AED 615.00 (AED 615.00 / Unit)

Zycoo IPPBX 4FXO Module Dubai

FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) The Analog Trunk FXO is an interface that connects to a trunk line, like the one from your service provider to the IP telephony system. It receives ringing voltage and battery from FXS devices. FXO interfaces are used to connect IPPBX to the PSTN. One FXO channel is required for each line you receive from your telco. The module serve as the interface to connect the analog to VoIP system , here being Zycoo PBX.
The 4FXO module have four RJ11 port and can be slide to one of the module slot in office IPPBX like U50,U100 ,U80 The loop start Analog Interface provides the following features:
-Detects ringing when on-hook
Detects loop current when off-hook
-Detects when tip/ring voltage crosses a set voltage when on-hook or off-hook (called DC triggering)
-Can accommodate private branch exchange (PBX) with –48V battery voltage

IPPBX telephony Module 4FXO Dubai

Advantages of Zycoo IP telephony system

The VoIP system is accessible and manageable vis user-friendly and self-explanatory Graphical Interface.
CooVox series support auto provision and quick integration with most of the End points from the leading manufactures like Zycoo, Cisco, Mocet etc.
The Webrtc integration pave the access to the ip telephony and voice from the web login and doesn’t require a hardware end point.
The Zycoo office IPPBX provide access to inhouse proxy services for remote connectivity to offices, other PABX, or end points.
Zycoo CooVox telephony system offer all the below features:
Call Queue ,Ring Group ,Call Forward ,Call Transfer ,Call Pickup ,Call Parking ,Call Waiting ,Speed Dial , IVR (Multi-layer),Caller ID ,Call Spy ,Video Call ,3-way Calling ,Conference Call ,Follow Me ,Call Back ,Time Conditions ,Paging & Intercom ,One Number Stations ,Music On Ring back ,Distinctive Ringtone ,Auto Call Recording ,One Touch Recording, ,Call Detailed Records (CDR),DISA ,Smart DID ,Blacklist ,Voicemail ,Wakeup Call ,PIN Code, Do Not Disturb ,Switch Call

Zycoo IPPBX Dubai - Distributor in UAE

Zycoo maintain distribution center with presales and post sales services in UAE. Zycoo offer Modules serving different telco line say FXO-200, FXS-200 ,4 FXO, 4 FXS, 1GSM. 2GSM ,4GSM 2FXOS , PRI etc for varied incoming and extension requirement in office IP telephony solution. Shouki Electronics LLC is the reselling partner in UAE and offer ready stock for all the IP pbx Dubai other IP telephony services endpoints and IPPBX solutions in dubai from Zycoo.
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