Cisco Business CBW150AX-E Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, Ceiling Mounted
Cisco Business 150AX Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, Ceiling Mounted

Enterprise Access Point Item Code: CBW150AX-E

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Cisco Business Wi-Fi 6 Access Point CBW150AX-E

The next generation of the Cisco Business Wireless Product line includes of the CBW150AX-E AP and CBW151AXM-E Mesh extenders. The integration of 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 is the main new feature or upgrade. These new APs boost network efficiency and expand its capacity to handle more devices, leading to increased performance.

A CBW mesh network must include a functioning CBW Primary Access Point(CBW150AX-E) and at least one CBW Mesh Extender (CBW151AXM-E).

Devices from the CBW 15x series cannot cohabit with those from the CBW 14x/240 series on the same LAN.


Both CBW150AX AP and CBW 151AXM must adhere to the following specifications:

Authentication and Security

WPA2 and WPA3 WiFi protected access, including WPA2-Enterprise authentication.

RADIUS Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, together with 802.1X (AAA).

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