Zycoo BM11 Mic with Push-to-talk Button

Zycoo BM11 Mic with Push-to-talk Button

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AED 275.00 (AED 275.00 / Unit)

ZYCOO SIP Safety IP intercom IA03

ZYCOO SIP Safety intercom IA03 is SIP enabled intercom devices which can be used for consulting and SOS applications.
By default, IA03 can be used as a voice intercom . If there is an existing IP camera, this can be linked with IA03 for video intercom. IP cameras which support RTSP, such as Dahua and Hikvision IP cameras can be linked with IA03.
Based on SIP and with PoE support, the installation of the IA03 only requires a PoE enabled network switches , no power supply and extra wiring is required.
Each of the intercom devices has been equipped with a programmable dial button, any desired number can be
preconfigured. By pressing the button users can talk with the target number in hands-free mode.
IA03 have been equipped with digital level input for connection of sensors, and also with a relay
switch which can be used to connect door magnet. The action (open/close the door) of the relay switch can be
controlled by DTMF signal, intercom call status and the sensor input signal.
In addition to working with ZYCOO IP Audio Center and MX500 , the IA03 intercoms can be also integrated with third-party SIP servers and the features detailed above are still applicable.

Specifications of IP intercom IA03

Speaker Components: Ø 40 mm x 12.7 mm (1.6 x 0.5 in)
Sensitivity: 90±3dB
Distortion: <10%, 1000Hz 0.1w/1m
Rated Power: 3W
Max Power: 4W
Frequency Range: 630Hz~4.5KHz
Acoustics: Mono
Microphone: -36±2dB RL=2.2K Vs=2.0V
Relay Switch: Max voltage AC 125V-1A/DC 60V-1A

The SIP safety intercom device supports 4 audio codecs: G.722 (wideband codec), G.711(Ulaw), G.711(Alaw) and G.729.

There are 10 (from the lowest 0 to the highest 9) speaker output and microphone input volume levels that canbe set.

The switch signal output duration can be configured from 1 to 600 seconds.

ZYCOO SIP Safety IP  intercom IA03 

 IP intercom -Shouki Electronics LLC

Zycoo maintain distribution center with presales and post sales services in UAE. Shouki Electronics LLC is the reselling partner in UAE and offer ready stock for IA03 IP intercom and all the Voip and IP telephony services endpoints and IPPBX solutions in dubai from Zycoo.
Product Details
Speaker Components Ø 40 mm x 12.7 mm (1.6 x 0.5 in)
Sensitivity 90±3dB
Distortion <10%, 1000Hz 0.1w/1m
Rated Power 3W
Max Power 4W
Frequency Range 630Hz~4.5KHz
Acoustics Mono
Microphone 36±2dB RL=2.2K Vs=2.0V
Relay Switch Max voltage AC 125V-1A/DC 60V-1A
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